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Milton Keynes College Students visit Uganda

Four Sports Leaders and two tutors from Milton Keynes College visited Lira, Northern Uganda to support LightForce International School and Day Nursery. They spent their time working in the school delivering PE lessons for all classes. The impact of their time spent in Lira was magnificent, the staff were motivated to join in and teach PE and it was truly wonderful to see the smiles on the children’s faces. Before this visit, teaching of PE within the school was a challenge for the staff, with a lack of resources and knowledge. Now, with resources for a number of different sports and a wealth of ideas for teaching PE the staff and children are set for a new and exciting PE curriculum.

‘In June we went to Uganda to teach sports and because the children in LightForce School have never really played proper sports, it was going to be a hard task. Uganda itself is quite different compared to England in terms of what they have and what we have but let's just say that it's incomparable. Teaching the kids was hard at first but as the days went by it became more and more fun which is why it was so sad for us to leave. One thing I'll take back is that you should be happy with what you have because the littlest things will mean a lot to the children in Uganda’.  Zach Manuel, MK College

‘When I arrived I instantly saw the difference in how I live my everyday life compared to the people of Uganda. The people in Uganda are so lovely and have changed how I look at things from now on. Coaching the kids in the school was loads of fun because of how eager they were to learn. I mainly enjoyed football and even saw the teachers taking charge of some of the games in the playground which I demonstrated in lessons. I also enjoyed experiencing some of the work that the people of Uganda do every day, I tried gardening which was hard graft. I played a game of football against the teacher’s and student’s team it was the UK (Milton Keynes College) vs Uganda. I didn't only bond with the people of Uganda I also bonded with my tutors and mates in our down time’. Jonathan Ikin, MK College