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Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) Theology

Course description: 
The PGCert is a short (60 credit) course, primarily aimed at theology graduates serving in ministry who are considering further study or are looking for an element of continuing professional development. It is designed as an oasis of theological refreshment that nurtures, stretches, and sharpens your skills for ministry. PGCert students take two modules: a compulsory module on hermeneutics and epistemology, which is common to all our postgraduate programmes, and one elective, which can be a taught module or an independent research project. It combines an integrative, required module with the flexibility of an elective to strengthen your theological foundations and to create space to explore issues that interest you.     There are two pathway options for PGCert students, either to take both modules in one year, or one module in each of two years. The information provided about the Postgraduate Certificate Theology is subject to the Postgraduate Programmes Review which we anticipate taking place early in 2022. This is part of a standard pattern of programme review and revalidation. The revalidated postgraduate programmes will offer a broader range of elective modules, especially in the areas of doctrine and church history, and modules which are designed to integrate theological disciplines.
Training provider: 
Oak Hill College