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Church Planting School

Course description: 
Our Curriculum is designed to provide our students with practical training in three areas: Evangelism, Church Planting and Church Growth. We attempt to achieve the goal with a balanced emphasis on three areas of training: Spiritual (heart) Academic (head) and Practical (hand). We believe in church planting through evangelism, and church growth through evangelism. Therefore regular, continuous and prayerful outreach is non-negotiable. We also emphasise pastoral training as well as spiritual and character training, because effective pastoral ministry depends on the spirituality and character of a pastor. The modules are taught by international lecturers who are academic practitioners (see Lecturers profiles). All modules will be taught from a practical perspective – applicable and useable in pastoral ministry. Our practical modules (including regular outreach and a Church-Based Internship) are integrated into the curriculum as we believe that holistic spiritual, academic and practical training is essential for church planters and pastors.
Training provider: 
Amnos Ministries