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Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) Theology

Course description: 
The first year of the BA (Hons) provides a foundation in the main sub-disciplines of theology: biblical studies, doctrine, history and practical ministry.  The second year moves on to provide broader coverage as students begin to engage more deeply with those sub-disciplines.  The third year provides the integrative horizon where the development of learning across the three years of study comes to its fullest expression and where students are expected to extend and apply their learning to new areas and situations. The capstone module on the Pastoral Epistles requires students to draw together all of their learning to date through detailed study of the biblical texts and deep engagement with the issues raised, while other core modules focus in on key aspects of doctrine, pastoral ministry, public theology and word ministry. Like the DipHE, the BA (Hons) is a popular choice amongst those wishing to study theology before entering into the pastorate/ministry. A number of students each year also use the BA (Hons) as a spring board into further/postgraduate study.
Training provider: 
Oak Hill College