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MAP event ideas for Churches

Below are some event ideas for your church, youth group, children's ministry or mid–week, organised and facilitated by  the Mission Action Partnership (MAP). MAP can also tailor-make an event or programme suitable for your church's context and needs.  If you would like to find out more then please email our Coordinator, Tim Parks at

Building Bridges with Muslims

The number of Muslims living in Northern ireland has increased in recent years – we want to be able to engage with, relate to, and care for them in a meaningful way, especially as many of them are starting to ask questions and are beginning to respond to the claims of the Gospel. This is a fast–moving, engaging and fun programme, helping us to better understand our Muslim neighbours and to know where to begin in friendship and in meaningful witness.

World on our Doorstep

How can we welcome the stranger? How can we show hospitality to the foreigner? How can we effectively build friendships with people from other cultures, overcoming language and cultural barriers and effectively share the Gospel? How can we help integrate internationals into our churches? Where do we fit into God’s big mission to the whole world? What is our role in what God is already doing among the nations? World on Our Doorstep helps Christians find answers to these questions. You can choose from the following seminars:
• Creative ways to make contact with foreign nationals
• Ministering to International families 
• Understanding the New Europe 
• Being part of the family – building `belonging` in the local church 
• How to share your faith cross–culturally 
• Making disciples 1–to–1

Around the world In 60 minutes

We touch down in the world of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam taking some time to look at the encouragements that are taking place in countries where these are strongest and at areas of surprising progress and where the greatest needs are. This programme is delivered by two presenters who convey the reality of a greater level of response to the Gospel than has happened ever before in history.

God’s Digital World

This programme will help people see how they can use their ICT skills to further God’s Kingdom. We will be looking at the work of Mission Agencies who are involved in this area of work, those who who avail of radio and internet to broadcast the Good News of Jesus to people who would not normally hear it, and others who use their skills to make videos, communicate via SMS, Skype and Facebook. We also learn of opportunities to teach IT in developing countries, to keep the computers, websites, and other technology going in various agency projects throughout the world.

Unlocking mission

There are a number of ways that you can enthuse your church in mission. Some practical seminars for you to consider:

• Partnering with churches overseas
• Ideas for local outreach projects
• Running a Christianity explored/Alpha course in your church
• Working with local unemployed youth
• Running a mission weekend
• Enthusing church members to support mission
• Developing a prayer partnership in your church
• Making the church welcome for strangers


People say that Europe is in crisis – but God does not opt out of problem areas! Jesus specialises in crisis management. Come and catch the vision for what God is doing in Europe, and find out how you can be part of His conquest through the love of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that this event will inspire and encourage people to look at the spiritual needs of Europe, to catch a vision for what God is doing there, and to think about what He might be asking them to do for Him in this spiritually needy region of the world.

MAP Seminar Series

MAP would also be happy to do a tailor made series for your church looking at various aspects of mission such as:

• A Bible overview – it all started with mission…
• How do you fit into God’s plan for the nations?
• Human trafficking and justice
• The Persecuted Church
• God’s digital world
• Least reached people groups
• World on our Doorstep
• Eurovision
• Loving Africa
• Short term teams
• Missionary Care
• Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam
• Mission for Kids

For more information on any of the above or if you would like to discuss other options then please contact the MAP Coordinator, Tim Parks, email