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The UK network for world mission

Global Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Our members include organisations of all sizes working in countries all over the world. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to address the key challenges in mission today.

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24 Apr 14
A Missional Conversation
Location: London
29 Apr 14
Coaching Skills Workshop
Location: Lichfield, Staffordshire
22 May 14
Serving at home and in Central Asia
Location: London
23 May 14
Does China still need foreigners?
Location: London
23 May 14
Be still, my soul - A Retreat
Location: Cannock
31 May 14
A retreat for mission partners
Location: North Shropshire
4 Jun 14
Topic: Can Islam experience a Reformation?
Location: London
12 Jun 14
Performance management of mission partners
Location: London

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Latest prayer points

Too dangerous to stay: Four sisters-in-law crammed into one small apartment with their seven children – it hardly sounds like an ideal domestic arrangement. But for Hana* and her family, their new home in Lebanon has one significant advantage over the life they left behind in Syria. Here, at least, they are safe. They lived in Aleppo in north-west Syria before fleeing to Lebanon almost a year ago. The family had wanted to stay – but then, tragically, Hana’s son was killed in the shelling. He was only three years old. After this, they knew they had to leave. At the time of writing peace talks are on hold. The negotiations have seen some positive outcomes but there is still a long way to go. Let’s continue to pray for peace until it becomes a reality. *Name changed  (Tearfund - March 2014)
Political turmoil: Reports of violence, discussions of amnesty and government resignations have passed through international news sources since protests were sparked by the November announcement that Ukraine would not be strengthening ties with the EU. The international community and the church are worried that the country will descend into civil war if common ground cannot be found between the opposition parties and the current government. As protests continue, please pray for the work of BMS World Mission partner organisation, Russian Ministries, as they seek to spread the gospel and messages of peace and compromise in the hearts and minds of both sides. (BMS World Mission - March 2014)
Gospel teaching in schools: Tolerance is valued in Denmark, so it is safe to talk about faith in public. On the other hand it is widely believed that religion is a private matter. In 2009 KFS, the evangelical student movement, set a goal of reaching every single educational institution in Denmark with more than 100 students within a three-year period. Staff or student leaders gained permission to visit high schools and speak to students between lessons or attend lessons and give an introduction to the gospel. By 2012 only two places remained closed of KFS. A strength of KFS is the high school students’ strong commitment to the movement. The main challenge is that so few stay involved with KFS at university. Some think that student ministry in the university is unnecessary, others are not aware of KFS. Please pray that Christian university students will see the need for ministry among their peers and the value of KFS.  (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) - March 2014)
Counselling in the front-line: The Tumaini Counselling Centre in Kenya is run by professional counsellors and psychiatrists, who are also missionaries. They support missionaries who often work in difficult, isolated, sometimes dangerous situations, and are in the front-line of spiritual attack. The centre works with those experiencing personal crises, family stresses, marriage problems, or traumatic events in their missionary work. Consequently, many are able to resume effective ministry without having to leave the field. Please pray for this vital work of healing and restoration. (AIM International - March 2014)
Illegal deforestation: Since 2008, Salta authorities have authorised the clearance of approximately 840,000 acres of native forests (roughly the size of Essex). 28% of that has been in areas where deforestation is prohibited by law. Last year ended with a barrage of deforestation projects being approved by the Salta government. In some cases landowners are even bribing indigenous people to support their proposals for deforestation. The Christian conservation group Land for Life (Refugio) have presented at public hearings at different locations across the Chaco region but they and others are often left asking if what they are doing is worthwhile as more and more land is being given over to deforestation. (Church Mission Society - March 2014)
The Miskito: The Miskito people are an indigenous group living in the remote area of La Mosquitia in Honduras. For many years they have been marginalised and subject to unfair occupation of their lands. Their struggles have been met with indifference from the government and society as a whole. Tearfund partner Mopawi has been working with the Miskito people for many years, promoting development, justice and indigenous rights in what has often felt like an uphill and unpopular struggle. Finally, their persistence has paid off with the government recently granting significant land and territorial rights to the Miskito people. Pray this will quickly translate into big material and spiritual change for this vulnerable group.  (Tearfund - March 2014)
World Cup: The 2014 World Cup being held in Brazil this summer will bring challenges such as a cocaine boom and increased sex tourism. Yet with around 600,000 visitors, there are plenty of opportunities for reaching out with the gospel. The church has the chance to speak out for those with no voice, including those being trafficked, and to hold authorities accountable on child abuse and how public money is spent. However, in order to make a lasting difference in people’s lives beyond evangelism during the tournament, the Brazilian church will have to overcome its lack of unity and unwillingness to work together. Please pray for the church to seize this opportunity.  (Latin Link - March 2014)
Closely watched: Turkmenistan's regime seems to do whatever it deems necessary to stay in power, suppressing all groups it perceives as dangerous. Every meeting for religious reasons is met with suspicion and all Christian assemblies need to register. All unregistered religious activity is strictly illegal and the government uses the 'Council on Religious Affairs' to monitor and pressure churches. There are informers in the churches, so Christians always have to be careful about what they say and how they say it, whether registered or not. Please pray for these oppressed believers who have hardly any freedom to practise their faith. Pray too for the translation and distribution of God's Word in local languages. (Open Doors UK and Ireland - March 2014)