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Global Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Our members include organisations of all sizes working in countries all over the world. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to address the key challenges in mission today.

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10 Sep 14
Personal Integrity and Restoration
Location: Northampton
23 Sep 14
Encouraging Spritual Growth in TCKs
Location: Birmingham
7 Oct 14
Global trends in Mission
Location: Belfast
8 Oct 14
For whose benefit?
Location: Northampton
9 Oct 14
Building Leaders Worth Following
Location: Hoddesdon
14 Oct 14
Global Change: Exploring Current Trends in Mission
Location: London
15 Oct 14
Women and Islam: beyond the veil
Location: London
16 Oct 14
More than missionaries
Location: London

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Latest prayer points

Specialist Leprosy Centre: The Aburoff Clinic in Khartoum is the only specialist leprosy centre in Sudan, with people affected by leprosy come from across country for treatment. Supported by The Leprosy Mission in Sudan, the centre provides support with self-care, as well as acting as a training centre for government staff. Praise God for the agreements set up and pray for good relationships to facilitate effective operation. Pray for discernment, wisdom and strength to make good decisions for the country leader and for God’s favour and protection on all of the staff as they work hard to handle the challenges and development of their work.  (The Leprosy Mission England and Wales - July 2014)
Equipping blind Christians: Pray for blind pastors and Bible teachers in Malawi. Many more blind people are contributing to church life, after years spent alerting churches to the need to include people with sight loss and use their gifting. Torch plays a key role in equipping blind Christians to lead, through providing them with braille and large print Scriptures and Christian publications in Easy English and a range of African languages, enabling them to study at Bible college.  (Torch Trust for the Blind - July 2014)
Life in abundance: Please pray for those with disabilities in Ecuador. Many suffer discrimination and are ignored, while those who care for them often do not have the knowledge, tools or resources to know how to help. Please pray for projects like Life in Abundance Trust, which works with children with learning difficulties, helping them to become more independent and assisting them in accessing the resources to which they should be entitled through the state. Pray especially for a new initiative for mid-to-late teens in vocational training so that they might even be able to gain some form of employment.  (Church Mission Society - July 2014)
Peace and justice for all: While the many and varied natural resources of Mozambique are starting to impact the country, the major challenge for the government is to be sure that all the population benefit. With national elections only months away, pray for the country, its people and its government, that there will be peace and justice for all and that the church will continue to have a positive influence.  (BMS World Mission - July 2014)
Corruption as a way of life?: Iran doesn’t do well on the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International - in 2013 it ranked 144th out of 174 countries listed. However, Iranians don’t need this chart to tell them their country has a corruption problem as scandals have been headline news. With the state and Islamic charitable foundations making up about 80% of the economy, the opportunities for insiders to line their pockets are endless. Most Iranians conclude that corruption is a way of life and see it as one reason why their naturally rich country delivers such poor living standards to its citizens. The extent of corruption makes Jesus’ teaching against greed and for trusting God for daily needs even more attractive. Pray for corruption to be rooted out in Iran and for churches and Christians to be salt and light in this area of life, setting an example of honesty and generosity.  (Elam Ministries - July 2014)
Increasingly under strain: For those living in the midst of Syria’s civil war, death could easily become a preoccupation. Three years into the conflict, it’s estimated that 5,000 people are being killed each month with the overall death toll at 150,000. For civilians caught in the middle, the struggle for survival is as unrelenting as the sound of gunfire and explosions. Providing aid is also a challenge. Pray for the efforts of Christian organisations to go where the need is greatest and to help a population that’s increasingly under strain.  (Tearfund - July 2014)
Improving access to education: Although children’s right to education is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, many children are denied that right. In Zambia, discrimination against those living with disability means that many disabled children do not have access to school. Praise God for the work of Wukwashi, an organisation working hard to improve access to education for such children. Recently, some of the children for who Wukwashi has found schools were interviewed in national TV about disabled children’s rights to education.  (The Bethany Children's Trust - July 2014)
A great opportunity: During June and July the eyes of the sporting world have been on Brazil as it hosts the FIFA World Cup. With 90% of Brazil's 200 million people claiming to be Christians, 50 million are evangelicals, making this one of the largest evangelical populations in the world. Brazilian Christians are great prayer warriors, known for their huge prayer gatherings and sustained intercession. The World Cup has provided the Brazilian church with a great opportunity for communicating the gospel to people from every nation. There will have been be visitors in Brazil from countries that are not open to the gospel. Pray that exposure to the gospel while in Brazil will make a lasting impact on the spiritual journeys of many visitors.  (WEC International - July 2014)