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The UK network for world mission

Global Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Our members include organisations of all sizes working in countries all over the world. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to address the key challenges in mission today.

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29 Apr 14
Coaching Skills Workshop
Location: Lichfield, Staffordshire
22 May 14
Serving at home and in Central Asia
Location: London
23 May 14
Be still, my soul - A Retreat
Location: Cannock
23 May 14
Does China still need foreigners?
Location: London
31 May 14
A retreat for mission partners
Location: North Shropshire
4 Jun 14
Topic: Can Islam experience a Reformation?
Location: London
12 Jun 14
Performance management of mission partners
Location: London
26 Jun 14
Topic: TBA
Location: London

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Sphere - Any which way?
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Master Policy provide insurance solutions for compliance with the Package Travel Regulations
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Find out how to join the network and the advantages that membership provides
Pension and retirement planning schemes provided via Prosperitas
For churches and agencies facilitating short-term mission trips in the UK and worldwide

Latest prayer points

Central African Republic
Working for peace: Pray for Catherine Samba-Panza, the new Interim President of CAR - for wisdom, protection, perseverance and a good team around her as she starts working for peace. There is hope after her election, but she has taken on a hard role as many people have been killed and more than 800,000 people are still displaced. Pray too that the international community will keep its promise to ensure humanitarian and peacekeeping work continues in CAR, so that the vulnerable can be protected and peace restored.  (Tearfund - March 2014)
United Kingdom
Discipling international students: Hundreds of thousands of students come to UK universities from all over the world. During February many Christian Unions ran weeks of events and talks that offered opportunities for international students to hear the gospel for the first time. Pray for the students that took the opportunity to find out about Jesus, that God would open the eyes of their hearts to the truth of what they heard. Pray too for effective follow up and for new Christians to be discipled and connected to churches. (Friends International - March 2014)
Scapegoats: Pray God’s peace over Christians in Egypt. They have been treated as scapegoats by supporters of the Morsi presidency, and have been attacked with apparent impunity. Pray for an end to the violence and political turmoil. Thank God that pastors whose churches have been attacked are working for reconciliation with their Muslim neighbours. Pray that God will bless these efforts and pray that other Christians too will have the courage to seek reconciliation, not retaliation. (Release International - March 2014)
World Cup: The 2014 World Cup being held in Brazil this summer will bring challenges such as a cocaine boom and increased sex tourism. Yet with around 600,000 visitors, there are plenty of opportunities for reaching out with the gospel. The church has the chance to speak out for those with no voice, including those being trafficked, and to hold authorities accountable on child abuse and how public money is spent. However, in order to make a lasting difference in people’s lives beyond evangelism during the tournament, the Brazilian church will have to overcome its lack of unity and unwillingness to work together. Please pray for the church to seize this opportunity.  (Latin Link - March 2014)
'Made in Cambodia': ‘Made in Cambodia’ is an increasingly common label to be found on our cheap clothes. With the rise in wages and living standards in countries like China, garment manufacturers have been relocating to countries with cheaper labour. The garment industry is now Cambodia’s main export earner bringing in £3 billion per annum and employing 600,000 workers. Factory conditions are often poor with wages kept to a minimum. At the beginning of the year striking workers demanded that the minimum wage be doubled. The demonstrations led to a violent crackdown by the police. Pray for Cambodia at this time of rapid change, for fairness in the workplace and for political stability. (OMF International UK - March 2014)
Hit and run: Friends of a popular Pakistani preacher killed by a hit-and-run driver suspect he may have been murdered because of his conversion from Islam. Rashid Mehmood, 33, came from a rich, influential Muslim family but turned to Christ in 2005. Though he trained as a lawyer, he decided to become a pastor and to preach the Gospel, despite strong opposition from his relatives. He was riding on a motorbike driven by another pastor friend on Boxing Day when a car began to chase them, then deliberately drove into them. He suffered serious head injuries and died later in hospital. Pray that God will comfort Rashid’s church and strengthen their faith so they will continue his ministry by reaching out with boldness and love to their community. (Release International - March 2014)
Republic of the Congo
A message of peace: More than 100,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have recently fled across the border to the Republic of Congo, close to the Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, where a new Christian radio station has been installed. The station is broadcasting a message of peace in the midst of this unrest. Pray for safety for the station personnel and an ability to keep the message of the Good News on the air so that the refugees can be encouraged and know that Jesus loves them, even in the midst of these horrific days. (Reach Beyond - March 2014)
A lack of commitment: 83% of people in Lithuania claim to be Catholic, yet an overwhelming majority of them are nominal. There is a tiny minority of evangelical Christians (1.1%). The younger generation of Lithuanians think Christianity is mostly irrelevant and interest in other forms of spirituality is growing. To be an evangelical Christian is seen as too radical, intolerant and sectarian. LKSB, the evangelical student movement, is small, without many resources, and facing many challenges. On some campuses the movement has contacts with one or two interested students, but regular meetings are not held. In general there is a lack of commitment from students to get involved in ministry, a symptom of the general youth climate in Lithuania. The leaders can see many opportunities, but lack the numbers to reach out. Please pray for students to grow in love for Christ, and to become more committed to ministry. (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) - March 2014)