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Global Connections is a growing network of over 300 UK churches and agencies with a passion for mission. Our members include organisations of all sizes working in countries all over the world. Drawing on this wealth of experience, together we seek to address the key challenges in mission today.

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18 Aug 14
Holiday for TCKs aged 6-12 years
Location: Edale, Derbyshire
6 Sep 14
Partnership in Mission
Location: London
10 Sep 14
Personal Integrity and Restoration
Location: Northampton
17 Sep 14
Topic: Celebrating God at work across Europe
Location: London
23 Sep 14
Encouraging Spritual Growth in TCKs
Location: Birmingham
8 Oct 14
For whose benefit?
Location: Northampton
9 Oct 14
Building Leaders Worth Following
Location: Hoddesdon
14 Oct 14
Global Change: Exploring Current Trends in Mission
Location: London

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Latest prayer points

Making a positive impact: East Timor became independent in 2002 following a bloody struggle against Indonesian occupation. Today, unemployment is very high, as is alcohol abuse and gang involvement. Many women and children carry a history of physical and sexual abuse. The Roman Catholicism followed by 99% of the population often incorporates animism and other folk religions. Protestants are generally accused of bringing in a foreign religion, can be the victims of violence and are not permitted to gather on campus. Pray for Christian students to remain strong and not to be ruled by fear of curses that may be invoked on them, even by their families. Pray too for lecturers and principals of schools to see the positive impact Christians make on the campus. Finally, pray for peace and reconciliation for a country torn apart by gangs and violence and for healing from abuse and trauma. (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) - July 2014)
Calls to my Sister: “Everyone wants to listen to Calls to my Sister, and every child in that community has learnt a lesson from the programme.” These are the comments of a manager from Echo Radio, a Christian radio station in River Cess, Liberia, talking about Calls to my Sister, a short radio programme covering health, nutrition and hygiene topics in an entertaining drama format. The programme has generated a lot of interest and even the Chief of the township has noticed a change in behaviour in people in the community. Pray for continued impact as people make healthier choices based on what they hear on the radio.  (Reach Beyond - July 2014)
United Kingdom
Disability Sunday: Eleven million people in the UK have a life-limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability – that’s one in six of the population, and the number is rising. Society often pushes disabled people to the margins - but are they any better represented in our church congregations? Disability Sunday – this year on 6th July or any convenient Sunday following – is an annual opportunity for churches to consider how they reach out and involve people with disabilities. A free resource pack is available from Churches for All, a network of Christian disability organisations.  (Torch Trust for the Blind - July 2014)
Equipping blind Christians: Pray for blind pastors and Bible teachers in Malawi. Many more blind people are contributing to church life, after years spent alerting churches to the need to include people with sight loss and use their gifting. Torch plays a key role in equipping blind Christians to lead, through providing them with braille and large print Scriptures and Christian publications in Easy English and a range of African languages, enabling them to study at Bible college.  (Torch Trust for the Blind - July 2014)
Tremendous growth: From as few as four Christians in 1989, the Mongolian Church now has more than 40,000 members. It has been a steep learning curve but Mongolians are now running many former foreign-led ministries, are producing their own worship music and theological books and developing national effective leadership. There are also Mongolian missionaries serving both within and beyond their own borders - all within one generation. There is so much to give thanks for! Pray for many more Biblically astute leaders as well as for breakthroughs amongst the unreached peoples such as the Muslim Kazakhs and the Nomads.  (AsiaLink - July 2014)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Pray for peace: “May God bring reconciliation between the rebels and the government of DR Congo so that the war can finish definitively and the displaced people may return home." That is the plea of two Bishops from DR Congo who have been visiting the UK to highlight the plight of people caught up in the violence and conflict in the eastern part of their country - which has been ongoing for at least 20 years. Bishop Bahati said: "Pray for peace in DR Congo; pray for the church's mission in Congo and pray for the suffering of the people. We need to pray also for good leadership of our government and we need prayer for the work of the mission of the church because God calls us to go everywhere and preach the gospel."  (Church Mission Society - July 2014)
Signs of spiritual growth: Afghanistan’s landslide in the northeast briefly made international news but thousands still suffer. Over 2,500 are believed to have died, but searching for bodies has stopped and the area declared a mass grave due to overwhelming levels of mud and rock. Pray that those who’ve lost everything, from home and livelihood to loved ones, will reach out to the One who can meet their need. There have also been encouraging signs of spiritual growth in the country. Locals are beginning to tackle the responsibility of teaching and training the few new believers, but face serious harm if discovered. Pray the believers would be protected from harm and strongly equipped, united in faith, and filled with His power, courage, and wisdom.  (AsiaLink - July 2014)
My First Bible: OM EAST works in partnership with the Roma Bible Union to share the gospel with Roma groups in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Arli in Serbia. Together, they produced an illustrated family Bible in the Arli language. My First Bible is capturing the attention of both adults and children. Recently one of the Roma Bible Union team members, Kristof*, gave a copy to an Arli man. As he left, Kristof was deeply moved by what he had witnessed. “It was so touching to see him react to having a Bible in his own language,” Kristof said. “He just held it and said over and over ‘this is my language’.” The man’s response is a powerful example of how important it is for people to receive God’s truth in the language closest to their heart. *Name changed (Operation Mobilisation - July 2014)