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  • MAP can organise tailor-made programmes to suit your church, Sunday school, youth group or mid-week group.
  • Ministry can be stressful. To remain healthy and effective, it is important to build resilience.
  • God's Mission in a time of transition. What is the role of the UK in mission today in a world that has changed so much and continues to change?
  • The Global Connections Code of Best Practice for Church to Church Partnerships (C2CP) is designed to provide guidelines for churches interested in forming cross-cultural partnerships
  • Martin Lee reflects on the challenges of transition as he nears the end of his 13 years as Executive Director of Global Connections.

Coming events

6 May 17
Location: Portballintrae Causeway Loop
Fields of Life
Cary Jerry has always been a great family day out to raise money to provide clean water in East Africa.
19 May 17
Location: Newcastle
Come and enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere, uplifting worship, refreshing ministry and wonderful stories of God’s power at work in challenging circumstances.
30 May 17
Location: Orangefield Presbyterian Church, Belfast.
Building Resilience
3 Jun 17
Location: Belfast
Fields of Life
Will you join Fields of Life on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at Stormont Estate to help raise money for clean water in East Africa?
12 Jun 17
Location: Castlewellan
Mission Agencies Partnership
Come, discover and reflect on how Kairos might help your congregation grow in its understanding of and engagement in God's Global Mission
23 Sep 17
Location: Belfast
George Verwer the founder of OM will be the guest keynote speaker and music will be led by New Irish Choir & Orchestra plus special guests: Robin Mark, Sylvia Burnside and Nathan Jess.

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