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Short-Term Mission Code of Best Practice

For churches and agencies facilitating short-term mission trips in the UK and worldwide

The Global Connections Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission aims to encourage the improvement of standards in Short-Term Mission practice from and beyond the UK. It is designed to apply to all gap year, individual placements, electives and team trips of up to two years duration, organised by UK mission agencies, churches and other Christian organisations. Though formed initially with cross-cultural contexts in mind, it can apply to both UK and overseas situations, both same-culture and cross-cultural.

The Global Connections network initially developed the code in 1999/2000. It was revised heavily in 2005 to make it more applicable to churches and short-term projects in the UK. Since then there have been various other revisions to keep up to date with Best Practice. The code also has a vigorous adoption process whereby organisations can affirm their intention of ‘operating under the code of best practice.’

The bolt-ons are additions to the code to help churches and organisations practically implement elements of the code. These can all be downloaded from this page.

Operating under the Code

Global Connections has developed a review process for the Short-Term Mission Code of Best Practice (CBP), to provide agencies and churches with a mechanism for affirming their commitment to high standards in short-term mission practice.

The review process, which takes place every two years, seeks to affirm those organisations committed to operating under the code. These organisations are recognised by the Code of Best Practice (CBP) logo in the Christian Vocations Short-Term Service Directory and on related publicity materials.

The process has been adapted to combine organisational self-monitoring with an external review of the monitoring forms by the Short-Term Mission core group. The most recent covered 2015 and 2016 and the agencies and churches that have been accepted as operating under the code of best practice have received the results and the list is published on this page. The next review will start in January 2016.  Please contact Jo Jowett if you would like more information.

If your church or organisation is involved in organising short-term mission trips and is committed to high standards, do consider participating in these regular reviews.

CBP Organisations 2015 and 2016
The following organisations completed the review process of their short-term mission programmes in 2014 and are recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Short-Term Mission Code of Best Practice 2015. These organisations also have the right to use the CBP logo to demonstrate that they have been through the review process but must state the years that the review is valid for alongside the logo. This review combined organisational self-monitoring with an external review of the monitoring forms by the Short-Term Mission core group. All are members of Global Connections. Click on the organisation's name and read more about what they do.