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Latest prayer points

Samurai Training Project: In Japan there is a need for effective training for Christians, whether formally in Bible College or through other more flexible or less formal training. Pray that those with suitable leadership and teaching gifts would have courage to come forward for training and pray that effective programs for them would emerge. We do thank the Lord for a number of new training initiatives in recent years. Ultimately, pray that a growing body of young men and women disciples of Jesus will influence all corners of Japanese society for him and that these are equipped through the new Tokyo-based ‘Samurai’ project. Pray that all Japanese believers would find the encouragement, training and support they need in order to use their gifts in the Lord's service for his glory. (Japan Christian Link)
Bilo Bible Translation: Bible translation for the Bilo* people of Southeast Asia is underway. The translation team have been working on Luke; sadly it won’t have been ready for Christmas but the team have compiled a booklet containing the Christmas story as told by Matthew and Luke which has been checked and will be distributed to all the churches in the region. It will also be distributed on mobile phones both as a document and hopefully as an oral recording as well, as more people will want to listen to the Christmas story than are able to read the local language. Pray that people outside, as well as inside the church, will listen to the story, hear the Good News and come to know Jesus. [*Name changed for security reasons] (Wycliffe Bible Translators)
Street Dance Classes: A Brazilian missionary uses street dance classes to engage with young Japanese people. Some of these youth some are rejected by Japanese society at large because they prefer to dance rather than go to university. Pray that using this common interest will be an effective way of creating opportunities to share the gospel. May JP’s ministry lead young people to find both the heavenly and earthly affirmation and friendship they desire. (OMF International UK)
Persecution is Mounting: In recent years Mindanao has become a flashpoint for extremist attacks. The father of 12-year-old Naomi was murdered in September apparently because of his faith and work as a church elder in Mindanao in the southern Philippines. Perfecto was at home in Sultan Kudarat when two men drove up and shot him seven times. Local Christians have also reportedly come under pressure to sell church property to Muslims who have built a mosque close by. Some have fled the area because of related attacks on nearby villages. Pray for Naomi and her younger brother, who are now orphans. Pray for peace in Sultan Kudarat, that the land dispute will be resolved and that Christians will stand strong in their faith, especially in areas where persecution is mounting. (Release International)
Dare to be Different: In India daughters are often considered a drain on a family. When a girl is born her family must start saving for the dowry which is given to her husband’s family upon marriage. A girl’s education and health may not be invested in because she will eventually leave them to join another family. This limits her opportunities and makes her more vulnerable to early marriage, child labour or trafficking. Pray for Viva’s ground-breaking mentoring programme, Dare to be Different, which teaches teenage girls about their worth, purpose and value, and helps them to make wise choices. Network members comprising a total of 500 local churches and organisations work collaboratively for girls to be as equally valued as boys. Pray that the girls would be kept safe and be given them hope for the future through the training. (Viva)
A Prayer for Religious Minorities: With its new laws that clamp down on religious freedom, Nepal is a very strong example of how restrictive legislation can affect the lives of ordinary people. In December eight Christians were on trial for giving out comic books about the life of Jesus in Charikot, Nepal. We thank God that they were acquitted and pray that no more Christians or other religious minorities will go through the same ordeal. Christians aren’t the only religious minority under threat in Nepal. Please pray for Buddhists and Muslims in Nepal who are also facing increasing pressure. We pray that its restrictive laws will be changed soon, and that one day, Nepal would be a country where everyone can talk about their faith openly and in peace.  (Christian Solidarity Worldwide)
Come Forwards for Treatment: Pray that those who are diagnosed and treated for leprosy, at TLM Hospital in Purulia, West Bengal, India, would understand how important it is to take the full course of multidrug therapy (MDT) prescribed so they can be completely cured. Pray particularly that women and children affected by leprosy will come forward early and be treated with sensitivity. Give thanks for the committed staff who work selflessly providing a wide range of services to 75,000 patients annually from the area as well as 100,000 people who are reached by community health education programmes. (The Leprosy Mission England and Wales)
An Instinct for Survival: The Karachai people are a testament to mankind’s will to survive. Their history includes being driven into the Caucasus Mountains by invading Mongols, forcible conversion to Islam, revolts against Russia, occupation of their homeland, and deportation to Central Asia. If God did not have a plan for the Karachai, they certainly would not have persevered through these and other violent acts. But He does have a plan and many Karachai have now returned to their homeland in the Russian province of Karachai-Cherkessia. As a people group the Karachai are proud, but demoralised; spiritually they are lifeless with little interest in anything beyond immediate physical needs and family honour. Pray that the wind of God’s Holy Spirit would blow there, drawing the Karachai to Him. For God plan for them is not in vain after all this time. May their hearts be opened. (Frontiers)
A North Indian Challenge: The North of India remains deeply challenging. Please join with us in asking the Lord to glorify Himself in places like Kashmir and Jammu in the northwest where Christians have always been few. Christian growth in this region often meets with opposition so pray on for protection for God’s people and ongoing witness to His name.   (AsiaLink)
More Than Just Football: Paul and his colleagues run a football project for boys and teenagers from a very poor area of Recife, Brazil. Recently, the project held its end-of-season awards party. But it’s not just about football, for those who come along know that they will receive Biblical teaching after every session. Latin Link member Paul says: “Football really isn’t our priority but instead it’s where we desire to see radical changes in the attitudes, behaviour, mindsets and lives of the children and teenagers we work with, and to support and help them grow to become men of God.” Pray that the young people will listen to and respond to the gospel message and Christian-values teaching they hear week by week.    (Latin Link)

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