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Latin Link - April 2018
Rana Bacana: As a result of over 50 years of civil conflict, Colombia has one of the largest number of displaced people in the world – 7.4 million according to a recent National Geographic article. Many live on the Atlantic coast. Rana Bacana, a partner project of Latin Link, trains local Christians to run a club for the displaced children in their communities. In the clubs, children play, worship and learn the Bible. They are being transformed by the gospel as the leaders are being empowered. Pray that God continues to grow Rana Bacana and that more children and adults will have their lives changed. (Latin Link)
Bible Society Northern Ireland - April 2018
Reaching Prisoners: Honduras is in a state of political unrest with protests, riots, looting and violence. Yet God is at work in one of the most corrupt and violent places on earth. There are amazing opportunities to reach prisoners, the police force and the military. More and more police officers have been requesting Bibles. A partnership between the Bible Society in Honduras and the Christian Police Ministry has seen Bible studies established in police stations. There is also an increasing interest in the more formal presence of army chaplains in all the military bases as a result. Over 16,000 police and military are now attending spiritual meetings nationwide. There’s such hunger to study the Bible. At two maximum security prisons in Honduras God has opened the door wide. More than 2,000 maximum security prisoners now have personal Bibles. Praise God that throughout the prison system 10,000 detainees meet for weekly Bible studies. (Bible Society Northern Ireland)
Latin Link - April 2018
Bible Poverty: Bible poverty (lack of Bible availability and use) is a real issue in Latin America. Too often believers lack the knowledge and regular use of the Bible to be able to apply it to their lives. Latin Link members are seeking to reduce this problem across the region. This includes doing teaching sessions with church and denominational leaders, but it also includes taking individual opportunities when they arise. For example, while on an evangelism trip in Potosí, Bolivia, Latin Link member Maribel Woodley was able to use time in the kitchen peeling potatoes to help one Quechua woman come back to faith. Pray for all those workers who are tackling Bible poverty in Latin America, and that believers who have strayed will have open hearts to return. (Latin Link)
AIM International - April 2018
Alagwa of Tanzania: Pray that God’s kingdom would come in power among the Alagwa of Tanzania. May there be Alagwa disciples who make disciples in many villages. For the new Alagwa believers, we ask God that they may have the courage to share the good news of Jesus with their family and friends. Pray for the church in Kwa Madebe, that the believers may grow in faith there. Prat it would be a missionary church, reaching those from all people groups in the community. (AIM International)
South Sudan
Mission Aviation Fellowship UK - April 2018
Community Based Rehabilitation: Sudan Evangelical Mission (SEM), works to raise the quality of life for disabled people in their own communities, where they are most vulnerable. They commonly have nobody to take care of them. In areas where a Community Based Rehabilitation programme has been implemented by SEM, people with disabilities will tell you they have experienced a positive change in attitudes, whereas before they were hidden from public view by family members. Pray for real acceptance throughout South Sudan towards disabled people. (Mission Aviation Fellowship UK)
AIM International - April 2018
Godly Christian Leaders among the Ik: Pray that the Ik would have more access to God’s word as it is translated into Icetod, the Ik language. Pray they would fully understand who God is and what Christ has done, and that they would wholeheartedly love, worship and live for Christ alone, instead of fearing evil spirits or men. Pray also for godly Christian leaders among the Ik. Many of the church teachers have been away for training. Pray that this training would be useful and that the teachers would come back excited and encouraged to be faithfully sharing God’s word with those God has entrusted to them. (AIM International)
Central African Republic
Wycliffe Bible Translators - April 2018
'Impossible' Prayers Answered: Our team in the Central African Republic ended the year with a long list of answered 'impossible' prayers. We thank him for the numerous stories of the way people's lives have been touched by hearing him speak to them in their own language. We are gravely concerned about the recent resurgence of violent attacks in different parts of the country, and the resultant flood of yet more displaced people. Please pray for something better in CAR than just an end to bloodshed and violence: for real, lasting peace, justice, jobs, re-building, hope and growth. Please also pray that God would weave the right conditions together so that the Bible translation task can be achieved in our lifetime. (Wycliffe Bible Translators)
Arab World Ministry of Pioneers - April 2018
Water Committee: Workers in Chad have had opportunities to visit many villages due to new well-building projects. Before drilling wells, they work with community leaders to establish a water committee. The committee is tasked with managing, protecting and maintaining the well, and also to be responsible to help gather funds, repair and care for their wells into the future. Workers work through many scenarios to learn how they deal with conflict and resolve problems together. Workers will visit these communities multiple times in the coming months, following-up on their progress. Please pray for these thirsty villages to not only have water, but to receive the living water too. (Arab World Ministry of Pioneers)
AIM International - April 2018
The Fulani in Niger: The Fulani in Niger combine their Islamic beliefs with ancestor worship. Pray that they would put their trust and faith in Jesus and that he would set them free from their fear. Pray for help to understand the free gift of salvation, so that they don’t have to rely on rituals and sacrifices. We give thanks for all the connections and contact that the AIM team has been having with Fulani in the surrounding communities to where they are living. May the team and the Fulani believers have wisdom as they share the gospel beyond their immediate communities. (AIM International)
United Kingdom
Friends International - April 2018
Loving and Joyous Relationship: “I invited two Muslim students to my house last weekend. Both are from middle eastern countries where it is hard for them to hear the gospel, let-alone encounter a Christian. Together we watched the Gospel of John DVD occasionally stopping to chat about what we were watching. It was such a blessing and I know the living God is working in both their hearts.”  We thank God for people like this stepping out in faith and offering the love of Christ. Please pray for the thousands of students who come to the UK from Muslim-majority countries that during their time here they would meet Christians and that the Holy Spirit would press the truth upon their hearts and lead them into a loving and joyous relationship with the Lord. (Friends International)

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