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Latest prayer points

Brutally targeted: A senior Christian cleric in Iraq says that militants have been seen tagging Christian houses with the letter 'N' for Nassarah, a term used for Christians in the Koran. Other religious minorities have also been brutally targeted by Isis. People have fled from towns in north Iraq into exposed rural and mountainous areas, causing an humanitarian emergency and action from the international community. Please pray urgently for the safety of Christians who fled or who, by choice or otherwise, stayed to face this threat. Pray that the light of Christ will overcome this present situation in a region where the Church has been present for centuries and still witnesses today.  (WorldShare)
A growing minority: Kyrgyzstan was one of Central Asia’s first parliamentary democracies. Today, there is violence, corruption, and criminal drug interests. Laws govern religious activity and religious extremism: Christians, Muslims and other religious groups have suffered as a result. Despite the laws, Kyrgyzstan still has more religious freedom than many neighbouring countries. The church in Kyrgyzstan grew impressively after the country severed ties with the former USSR in 1991. Growth has since slowed, but the church is maturing. Kyrgyz-speaking congregations continue to grow and mature. Once a tiny minority in the national church (which is predominantly Russian Orthodox), Kyrgyz believers are now a significant proportion of the nation’s Christians. Effective Kyrgyz leaders have come to the fore, and more services are now being held in Kyrgyz. Pray that the Kyrgyz church will continue to mature.  (WEC International)
Gospel brings hope for Poles: Poland is changing rapidly. Joining the EU in 2004 hasn’t brought the economic benefits that the Polish people expected. The unemployment rate is high, so a lot of Poles try to find prosperity in other countries. ECM notices in these turbulent times a renewed interest in the gospel. Through church planting and the project ‘Permanent Hope’ ECM wants to use this opportunity to draw attention to the gospel in new and refreshing ways.  (European Christian Mission)
2,000 languages without the Bible: Three OM men arrived safely home after walking 2,000 kilometres to raise awareness that there are still 2,000 languages without the Bible. The three left Cairns on 24th August and arrived in Stanthorpe on 11th November, after walking on average more than 30km a day. Each kilometre represented a unique language that doesn’t yet have the Word of God. The team held evening meetings at local churches and town halls en route to share information about the 350 million people who don’t yet have access to the Bible in their own language.  (Operation Mobilisation)
2,500 young people attend Malawi youth conference: About 50% Malawi’s population is less than 18 years old. The Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) recently held a national youth conference in Central Malawi. It had a theme of “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”, and was attended by over 2,500 young people from ZEC churches across Malawi. One commentator wrote that “the conference was timely for the fact that the life of the youth is being challenged by strong winds of anti-Christ and liberalism. The teaching was centred on the word of God, holiness, discipleship, counselling and countering peer influence”. Please give thanks for the way that God is using these young Christians. Please pray for their plans to launch a Bible-based discipleship programme that will be studied at every local ZEC Fellowship of Youth group.  (Zambesi Mission)
Perseverance of the persecuted: Mozambique is highly unevangelised but many from all faiths and regions are beginning to follow Christ. The Mwani people group are 99.9% Muslim and very resistant to the gospel. Committed to Islam, they are not afraid even to give up their jobs for their faith. For example, a group of bricklayers abandoned a construction project when they discovered that they were building a small church. The small team working among the Mwani are doing language study and learning the local culture. Despite freedom of religion, granted by law, persecution is a real threat for Christians. Pray that workers will have wisdom in the face of this. Pray also for more workers.  (WEC International)
Arrests in China: Media reports have indicated that large numbers of South Koreans have been arrested in North East China over recent months. They are thought to have been involved in ministry to North Korean refugees escaping to China. Some reports have suggested that more than 1,000 South Koreans have been detained or deported over recent months as China continues its crackdown along their border with neighbouring North Korea. Some westerners were also arrested in August 2014 and remain in detention. Pray for the Lord to free those detained. Ask Him to guard His people. Pray that China’s authorities would exercise justice and mercy towards the many minority groups in the country, including those from North Korea who are frequently repatriated.  (AsiaLink)
Ship ministry impacts Anping port: In August the Logos Hope visited the port of Anping, Taiwan. This was the first time any of OM's ships have opened the gangways in the city. Vice Mayor of Tainan city, Mr Yan Chun Zuo, was pleased to welcome Logos Hope and, speaking on behalf of the Mayor during the official opening, said “It is [the Mayor’s] aim to create an international city, that is more focused on knowledge with a passion for volunteering. So the ship’s visit to Anping is an invaluable aid in promoting these things.” Mr. Yan Chun Zou added with a proud smile “… and you haven’t really experienced Taiwan until you have visited Anping!” Pray for the continued ministry of those aboard Logos Hope in this region.  (Operation Mobilisation)

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