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WorldShare - January 2018
2 Million Slaves in Pakistan: There are 3 million slaves in Pakistan, vast numbers of these are trapped in bonded slavery in brick kilns or agriculture. Many people in the rural areas of Pakistan are living in severe poverty. Brick kiln owners and landowners take advantage of them by offering high-interest loans and trapping them into bonded labour. False contracts and forged accounting by the owners can leave families working in the kiln for decades, unaware of the fact that they have repaid their original loan many times over. Pray for deliverance for those trapped in slavery in Pakistan, that they can find freedom and hope for a better future. (WorldShare)
OMF International UK - January 2018
China is Urbanising Rapidly: China is urbanising rapidly. With 40,000 people moving to the cities daily it’s estimated that by 2030 1 billion people will be living in China’s cities. This is what we call the ‘urban billion’. It is made up of people from every level of Chinese society, from political leaders to migrants from rural areas. Pray that many of the ‘urban billion’ would find life to the full. Pray too for Christian professionals, who often have to work on Sundays, making it difficult to get to church let alone invite friends along. Pray that God will protect their faith, and ask that he might use them in an amazing way to access those whom the church would otherwise struggle to reach. (OMF International UK)
Serving Impoverished Muslim Communities
Frontiers - January 2018
Serving Impoverished Muslim Communities: There are many urban poor in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia. A seasoned Frontiers leader and advocate for the poor estimates that Muslims represent almost a quarter of the world’s urban poor. “The numbers of Muslims living in poverty are growing rapidly,” he says. Frontiers teams serving impoverished Muslim communities are finding great openness to Jesus Christ but more faithful workers are needed to go to the poorest and most vulnerable populations of Muslims. Pray for more workers to go to the urban poor in Southeast Asia. Pray for those working among the poor to have endurance and grace from God to live in difficult situations alongside those they are there to reach. (Frontiers)
Release International - January 2018
Blasphemy laws in Pakistan: Christians continue to suffer injustice under the blasphemy laws in Pakistan, where simply an accusation of blasphemy against Islam, the Qur'an or Islam’s prophet Muhammad can lead to attacks or imprisonment. One of those behind bars is Christian Zafar Bhatti, who was sentenced to life imprisonment after being accused of sending blasphemous text messages from his mobile phone. He says there have been several attempts on his life in jail, including a near-fatal poisoning in 2013. Pray that his appeal will be successful and that other Christians falsely accused will also receive justice.  (Release International)
Chinese Church Support Ministries (CCSM) - January 2018
New Religious Regulations: New religious regulations are to be introduced February 2018 which are sweeping in scope, and could mean major changes for China’s unregistered church, in its worship and meeting practices, and also Christian education, media and interaction with the global church. Pray for those who have responsibility for implementing these new regulations, that the Lord would soften their hearts and that officials would limit their enforcement of regulations. Pray for all those who are already being affected by bans on Christian camps and on children and teachers attending churches. Pray for President Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders who see Christianity as a foreign religion that needs to be resisted. May God change their hearts.  (Chinese Church Support Ministries (CCSM))
Latin Link - January 2018
Quechua people of Peru: The indigenous peoples of South America have often been marginalised since the Europeans arrived. This includes the Quechua people in Peru. For too long Quechuan church leaders have had to use Spanish Bibles and materials to teach and preach – if indeed they’ve had any materials at all. ATEK is an organisation that promotes the use of the scriptures in Quechua. Recently, Latin Link’s Ian Horne, who is a board member of ATEK, took part in a meeting where Bible study materials in Quechua were given to Quechuan church leaders. Pray for ATEK as it seeks to place Quechuan scriptures and materials in the hands of the Quechua, and that as Quechuans read and hear the Bible in their own language, it will have an even greater impact on their lives.  (Latin Link)
United States
IFES - January 2018
Christian Students Sharing their Faith: Ross works with InterVarsity USA serving students at Kansas State University. In such a secular context, there are many challenges for Christian students sharing their faith, but also many encouragements. Ross writes: “We're seeing new students draw near to God, especially in the LGBTQ community, among arts students, and in fraternities and sororities [student societies]. Pray that our students would embrace sacrifice for the sake of the gospel.”  (IFES)
International Students in the Caribbean
IFES - January 2018
International Students in the Caribbean: Many students from Africa, Asia and North America come to study in the Caribbean. Give thanks for Rodney McIntyre, who leads the IFES movement in Grenada, but he also serves as International Student Ministry (ISM) champion in the region, helping to equip student leaders and student groups to better serve, reach and disciple the international students on their campuses. Pray for international students far from home, perhaps from countries closed to the gospel, to feel Christ’s love as students around them welcome them into Christian community. (IFES)
WorldShare - January 2018
Poor Communities in Guatemala City: Potters House has been changing the lives of those in the poor communities of Guatemala City for 30 years. It has recently expanded its ministry to the city of Chiquimula to the east of Guatemala City. Here they are reaching new communities with the gospel and bringing lasting change through community development. Over 3,000 people in Chiquimula have benefited from the distribution of water filters and cookers as well as classroom renovations and bible school sessions. Pray for the Chiquimula communities, that they can find a new hope for a better quality of life and a brighter future. Pray that through learning about the gospel, they will accept Jesus and experience His light in their lives. (WorldShare)
Emmanuel International - January 2018
Reaching the Indigenous: The Terena indigenous church has passion for missions in its DNA. For years they have sent out their own missionaries to other ethnic groups in Brazil. Today they reach out to 29 villages. The Cades Barneia and Canaã Bible Institutes are schools led by Terena church leaders to prepare and send out indigenous missionaries and pastors. In 2017 they trained 26 students from 10 different ethnic groups. The Brazilian government is closing the indigenous areas to non-indigenous people, making these populations difficult to reach. Our bible schools are preparing those who have access to these areas to enter with the gospel in places we cannot! It is a great challenge but please pray for fruits for the Kingdom of God that last forever. Please pray for the Terena Bible Institutes, for the students in training and for spiritual and finance support from the churches. (Emmanuel International)

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