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An Open Door for Arabs.: Zell am See in Austria’s Salzburg lake district has become a favourite holiday destination for many Arabs. OM Austria partners with a local church to reach these tourists. Thank God for the many divine appointments and scriptures taken back to closed countries. (Operation Mobilisation)
Counter-cultural Christianity.: The Chinese New Year was celebrated at the end of January. Since 1996 this period has been marked by a week of public holiday called the Spring Festival. Some of the traditional practices associated with the festival mean that it can be a difficult time for Christians. As in all societies, Christianity runs counter-culturally, but their counter-cultural faith is seen especially clearly at the Spring Festival. Many Chinese Christians will go home to see their families at this time and celebrate. But there can also be a lot of pressure from parents - to get married, over money matters, or being compared to their friends. Will you pray for them? Pray that these Christians will take the gospel home with them. (OMF International UK)
Prepared for Any Eventuality.: Around 20 typhoons affect the Philippines each year and, following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan three years ago, Viva and a local partner PCMN have been running a rehabilitation programme to ensure vulnerable communities in Eastern Samar are well equipped when disaster strikes. During the second half of last year, the network held a series of events. A total of 3,255 children took part in camps organised by 11 organisations in three locations. The children learnt how to become better prepared to take care of themselves and others in the event of a typhoon, fire, flood or earthquake. Pray that when the next disaster strikes thousands of children and families will be better prepared and that more lives will be saved. (Viva)
China's Precious Children.: Before 2016, orphanages were largely full of healthy baby girls abandoned by parents hoping to have a male child (due to China’s One Child Policy). Since then there has been significant change and today up to 95% of those in orphanages are children with special needs. Although attitudes to those with disabilities are changing across China, cultural prejudice toward them remains a significant hurdle. These increased demands on the caregivers can be overwhelming and more staff with medical and physiotherapy training are critical. Pray that people with these skills will go to China’s orphanages to train and encourage, and that God will provide the resources needed. (Chinese Church Support Ministries) (Chinese Church Support Ministries (CCSM))
Living with Dignity: Every year around 7,000 Nepalese girls, most aged between 9 and 16 are trafficked into India. More than 200,000 Nepalese women are victims of this sex trafficking trade with Kolkata being home to one of India’s largest red light districts [UNICEF]. Operation Mobilisation has started a project called Touch Nature which provides a chance for trafficked sex workers who have committed to leave the sex trade to earn a living with dignity by producing top quality handmade aromatherapy and beauty products. Many of the women and girls have found real life and value in Jesus. Pray for more women to be rescued from this evil trade. (Operation Mobilisation)
Protection in Persecution: Yusif was not religious. He was also deaf. He had been given a Bible but had difficulty understanding it. Then he learned about another deaf man called Mehman who was a Christian. Yusif had known Mehman before he became a Christian and knew what his life had been like, stealing and using drugs. Yusif saw Mehman’s changed life and after the gospel was explained to him, Yusif also became a follower of Jesus and joined a church. Despite the persecution that might arise these Christians’ attitude to persecution is a challenge to those of us from the west. They don’t ask for God’s protection from persecution but for His protection in it…“We believe in the God who protects us, loves us and cares about us.” (People International)
Fellowship Fuels Faith: This message was posted on a radio partner's chatroom in an undisclosed Central Asian country: "I have one question. I came to Christ. I study many things via this radio. But one person recommended me to visit Church. I do not know where I should go. Does anybody have any idea? Is it important to visit a Church?” These replies were posted: “I think you should talk with that person who you came to Christ through. I think he can recommend you the closest home group which you can visit. You definitely should meet with other sisters and brothers.” Pray for those who are finding Christ through radio broadcasts in Central Asia, that they will find fellowship to help them grow in their faith. (Reach Beyond)
A Nation on its Knees.: Two years ago devastating earthquakes in Nepal took nearly 9,000 lives and damaged or destroyed more than 800,000 homes [source USAID]. It is taking time for the nation to get back on its feet and many families are still without a permanent place to live. Christian organisations, both local and international, are doing what they can, not just to restore the situation to how it was, but to improve the lives of people affected. Homes and public buildings are being made accessible for wheelchair users. Health posts are being rebuilt with better facilities such as a place for women to give birth safely. Please pray that reconstruction work will be done efficiently and safely. Pray too that those who receive the help of local Christians will recognise the love of Christ through their actions. (International Nepal Fellowship)
A Practical Prayer - 5,000 Blankets.: Two assistant pastors have been charged with unlawful association with an armed ethnic group, accused of serving as “informers and spreading false news on behalf of the armed insurgents”. These pastors face between three and five years in prison. Meanwhile, an urgent prayer request from a contact at refugee camps in the same region: "Night Temperature -4°C, elderly sick women trying to get warm under the sun. Mothers with new babies are sleeping on the ground... food, shelter, warm cloth in urgent need.” Please, join us in prayer for God’s provision of 5,000 blankets for these people living in desperate conditions, largely ignored by the media. (AsiaLink)
Praise and Preparing the Way...: Praise God for 60 amazing years of OM service and missions activity. Thank God that for 45 years the ministry of OM Ships has brought blessing to almost 500 ports in 151 countries. In every port the crew are regularly active onshore as they work alongside local believers to bring blessing to the area. There are medical projects such as eye-testing, primary health care and occasional dental work. Lineup teams are crucial to the effectiveness of each port visit. Pray for the lineup team in Kralendijk, Bonaire, preparing for the visit of the Logos Hope ship in mid-April. (OM Ships) (Operation Mobilisation)

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