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The World Prayer Map is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations working around the world. Click on a region for related prayer points...

Latest prayer points

Answering God's call: Latin Link Guatemala have held their first commissioning service. Three Guatemalan missionaries, Pamela, Emily and Elisa, have all answered God’s call on their lives and have taken the scary step of using their skills, interests and professions to serve God in another country and culture. They are preparing to serve God in the UK and in Ecuador. They have already overcome a number of obstacles to get this far. Pray for them as they discover more of what God has for them.  (Latin Link)
Dreams and Visions: Over the years many Christians have prayed for the inaccessible land and people of Afghanistan. Through many changes that have taken place in the country over past years, Afghans have remained deeply religious, generous in hospitality, sharing what little they have and loyal to their particular tribe. Piety has caused many to question observed religious practice, and in the last 15 years God has spoken to many Afghans through dreams and visions. Many have decided to follow Jesus despite great opposition. Operation World speaks of the existence of hundreds of fellowships. Pray for those who truly put their trust in Jesus. May they grow in faith, find fellowship, and have boldness to witness to all the Afghan tribes and tongues. Praise God that He continues to build his church among the Afghan people.  (WEC International)
House of opportunity for vulnerable young people: Girls living on the streets of Lubumbashi have a new place where they can go for safety, education and a chance to be reunited with their families. This is thanks to the Kimbilio project, which opened a transit house this summer for vulnerable girls. Kimbilio originally opened as a refuge for street boys in 2009 and grew to comprise a day centre, a boys’ transit house and another house for boys who cannot return to their families. In the last year, girls have been turning up at the day centre to have breakfast, wash their clothes and hear a message about Jesus. So a plot of land was purchased to build them a transit house, too. While at the transit house, girls have the opportunity to improve their literacy and take sewing classes.  (Church Mission Society)
Devastating floods: An estimated 20 million people in south Asia have been affected by devastating floods triggered by monsoon rains – the worst in 50 years. Across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, loved ones have been killed, homes and livelihoods lost and vital infrastructure destroyed. Tearfund’s partners are battling extreme weather conditions and extensive flood damage to get emergency aid including food and shelter to those most in need.  (Tearfund)
Faith strengthened: Fifty girls in Pakistan, aged 16 to 17, had their faith strengthened through short Bible courses at a women's training centre according to a CMS mission partner who teaches at the centre. “At the end of one course, several girls shared how they had made a personal commitment to follow Jesus, had discovered how to read the Bible with understanding, how their prayer life had been renewed and how they had learned to get along better with others, forgiving and forbearing, rather than quarrelling.” Pray that these recent school-leavers will continue to grow spiritually. Disciple-ship is a key need in Pakistan, as Christians are a small, often-pressured minority.  (Church Mission Society)
Rebuilding lives: Due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, many refugees have entered Russia and are spread out around the country. In Novosibirsk, Siberia, where OM Russia is located, several summer camp bases are now used temporarily to house refugees forced to leave their homes with nothing. Several OM Russia members, in partnership with a local church, have visited a few of these bases to offer practical help and run a programme for the children. Relationships have been established, and together with local churches, they continue to help refugees rebuild their lives.  (Operation Mobilisation)
Middle Eastern Christians seek to welcome 2 million refugees: Lebanese TV presenters and musicians have shared how Christians in the Middle East are seeking to share the love of Christ to people fleeing conflict and atrocities in Syria and Iraq. Joyce Saddi and Rawad Daou - two hosts of a weekly live youth show from Beirut broadcast on Christian satellite channel shared that close to 2 million refugees have come to Lebanon, putting immense pressure on Lebanon's services. This has resulted in power cuts and water shortages, and has fuelled rocketing rental charges. Some Lebanese fear or resent the influx of refugees from a country that occupied Lebanon for nearly three decades, but many churches are welcoming them. Rawad and Joyce's church currently assists over 120 families with food vouchers and welcomes many to their services. (SAT-7)
Progress for the poor: Over the last decade Tearfund’s partner Comisión de Acción Social Menonita (CASM) has been working with poverty-stricken communities in Honduras to bring the hope of a better future. CASM is improving education levels, providing vocational training for young people, reducing violence and helping the residents lobby the government for resettlement. It’s an ongoing struggle, but there are signs of progress. An agreement has been signed to relocate 179 families out of a riverbank slum community known as Los Bordos – although this is partly to make way for a new highway, and is taking time to implement. Pray that those in authority who are involved in the negotiation process will have the best interests of the residents at heart, and that many families will soon have a safer, healthier place to live.  (Tearfund)

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