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Designed to help you to pray for the needs of people around the world, this website is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations within the Global Connections network. This website is still in development. Additional features, including an interactive map, and more prayer points will be available soon.

Latest prayer points

Closely watched: Turkmenistan's regime seems to do whatever it deems necessary to stay in power, suppressing all groups it perceives as dangerous. Every meeting for religious reasons is met with suspicion and all Christian assemblies need to register. All unregistered religious activity is strictly illegal and the government uses the 'Council on Religious Affairs' to monitor and pressure churches. There are informers in the churches, so Christians always have to be careful about what they say and how they say it, whether registered or not. Please pray for these oppressed believers who have hardly any freedom to practise their faith. Pray too for the translation and distribution of God's Word in local languages. (Open Doors UK and Ireland)
Reaching Muslims: God is doing a new work in an English city where 25% of the population of this city are Muslims, with immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and North Africa. A small group of Christians who are committed to reach their Muslim friends with the gospel is regularly meeting to encourage each other, worship and pray together. Please pray for fresh vision to reach Muslims in the UK - for new strategies and resources and for more believers with a heart to reach them. (YWAM)
'Made in Cambodia': ‘Made in Cambodia’ is an increasingly common label to be found on our cheap clothes. With the rise in wages and living standards in countries like China, garment manufacturers have been relocating to countries with cheaper labour. The garment industry is now Cambodia’s main export earner bringing in £3 billion per annum and employing 600,000 workers. Factory conditions are often poor with wages kept to a minimum. At the beginning of the year striking workers demanded that the minimum wage be doubled. The demonstrations led to a violent crackdown by the police. Pray for Cambodia at this time of rapid change, for fairness in the workplace and for political stability. (OMF International UK)
'Untouchables': One in three of the world’s poor is Indian. Most vulnerable of all these are within the Dalit community. The name ‘Dalit’ is used by India’s ‘untouchables’ and tribal peoples and means ‘crushed’ or ‘broken’. However, since OM’s involvement with the Dalit’s began in 2001, God has drawn large numbers to faith in Christ. Every day a growing number of Dalits find true spiritual freedom. Give thanks for this amazing and spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit.  (Operation Mobilisation)
Scapegoats: Pray God’s peace over Christians in Egypt. They have been treated as scapegoats by supporters of the Morsi presidency, and have been attacked with apparent impunity. Pray for an end to the violence and political turmoil. Thank God that pastors whose churches have been attacked are working for reconciliation with their Muslim neighbours. Pray that God will bless these efforts and pray that other Christians too will have the courage to seek reconciliation, not retaliation. (Release International)
Under pressure: All Afghan Christians come from a Muslim background. If their conversion to Christianity is discovered, they will be put under huge pressure to recant their faith, both from Muslim clergy and local authorities. Tribal values are deeply entrenched and anyone embracing something new and maybe even foreign will be looked at as a traitor and excluded from the community. Pray too for the Afghan government - presidential elections are to be held in April. With the withdrawal of international forces in 2014, the regime will have to deal with the threat of the Taliban as well as the different ethnic factions in the country.  (Open Doors UK and Ireland)
Returning believers: Pray that many of the Japanese who live overseas will have their eyes opened to the truth of the gospel during 2014 and that they will put their trust in Jesus. Ask that those new believers who return to Japan this year will do so with eagerness and boldness to serve and to witness. Pray for them to be strengthened and encouraged amidst the potential challenges of settling back into a culture and mind-set that will often be very different to what they have experienced overseas. Please pray that Japanese pastors and Christians will embrace these returnees, endeavour to understand and support them, and equip them to flourish and bless the churches, communities and workplaces they inhabit. (Japan Christian Link)
Worsening violence: Canon Andrew White, known as the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, has asked for urgent prayer for the church in Iraq amid intense violence. With frequent bombings and shootings in cities such as Baghdad and Mosul, monthly death tolls have soared recently. January’s toll of 1,000 dead was the highest for almost six years. “Hundreds of our people have left the church because they have left the country,” he says. “The hundreds left are those who cannot afford to leave, so the poverty and needs seem greater than ever. I honestly cannot tell you how terrible things are. We are in more than a desperate crisis. We need your prayers.” Ask God to protect and sustain Iraqi Christians amid the worsening violence. Pray for an end to the bloodshed in Iraq and an end to the fighting, which is mainly between Sunni militants and the Shia-dominated government.  (Release International)