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The World Prayer Map is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations working around the world. Click on a region for related prayer points...

Latest prayer points

Victims of domestic violence: Please pray for those mothers and children in Montevideo who have no housing options, many of whom are victims of domestic violence. Hogar Río Branco in the city of Montevideo, run partly by the Anglican Church, has been operating since October 2012 and houses about 30 mothers and their children. The aim of Hogar Río Branco is to provide holistic care and to build up these mother’s abilities, which will allow them to develop self-managed projects and to become self-sufficient so that they can move on to independence with their children.  (Church Mission Society)
Signs of spiritual growth: Afghanistan’s landslide in the northeast briefly made international news but thousands still suffer. Over 2,500 are believed to have died, but searching for bodies has stopped and the area declared a mass grave due to overwhelming levels of mud and rock. Pray that those who’ve lost everything, from home and livelihood to loved ones, will reach out to the One who can meet their need. There have also been encouraging signs of spiritual growth in the country. Locals are beginning to tackle the responsibility of teaching and training the few new believers, but face serious harm if discovered. Pray the believers would be protected from harm and strongly equipped, united in faith, and filled with His power, courage, and wisdom.  (AsiaLink)
Discipling Christian students: St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a scenic multi-island state. It is predominantly a ‘Christian’ state where there is freedom of religious practice. However, many students have a lot of problems - broken families, low moral values, the carnival culture and easy availability of marijuana. ISCCF is a movement seeking to disciple Christian students there. Pray for new investment as the group seeks to establish a much-needed national leadership team and to put in place more role model leaders to challenge and encourage students. Pray too for students themselves, that they would be godly examples to those around them.  (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students))
Hearing the gospel through the airwaves: Spanish FM station Radio Vida broadcasts Christian programmes to the area of La Linea de la Concepcion and Gibraltar in the area of Andalucía. Thousands of people tune in and the station receives many emails, texts and phone calls, especially for their special programme aimed at the relatives and friends of prisoners. Now Radio Vida has the opportunity to enlarge its transmission area to include Jerez de la Frontera, the largest municipality in the province. Pray that these plans will come to fruition and that many more people will hear the gospel through the airwaves in Spain.  (Reach Beyond)
New Testament saved his life!: A Ukrainian military chief’s life was spared, thanks to a well-timed gift of a pocket New Testament. The soldier received the New Testament on 20th February, at a prayer tent on the Maidan square in Kiev, which was set up by the Genesis ministry. "That day 77 people died," said Valery, who was working in the prayer tent. "Many who were with this soldier were killed, but he had put the small New Testament we gave him a few hours earlier in his left top pocket… During the fighting he was shot in the heart, but the sniper bullet got stuck in the New Testament, so the New Testament literally saved his life! He came back to us to give thanks and share his story." Pray for Christians throughout the country to bring light, peace and hope to Ukraine.  (Church Mission Society)
Peace and justice for all: While the many and varied natural resources of Mozambique are starting to impact the country, the major challenge for the government is to be sure that all the population benefit. With national elections only months away, pray for the country, its people and its government, that there will be peace and justice for all and that the church will continue to have a positive influence.  (BMS World Mission)
Corruption as a way of life?: Iran doesn’t do well on the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International - in 2013 it ranked 144th out of 174 countries listed. However, Iranians don’t need this chart to tell them their country has a corruption problem as scandals have been headline news. With the state and Islamic charitable foundations making up about 80% of the economy, the opportunities for insiders to line their pockets are endless. Most Iranians conclude that corruption is a way of life and see it as one reason why their naturally rich country delivers such poor living standards to its citizens. The extent of corruption makes Jesus’ teaching against greed and for trusting God for daily needs even more attractive. Pray for corruption to be rooted out in Iran and for churches and Christians to be salt and light in this area of life, setting an example of honesty and generosity.  (Elam Ministries)
Life in abundance: Please pray for those with disabilities in Ecuador. Many suffer discrimination and are ignored, while those who care for them often do not have the knowledge, tools or resources to know how to help. Please pray for projects like Life in Abundance Trust, which works with children with learning difficulties, helping them to become more independent and assisting them in accessing the resources to which they should be entitled through the state. Pray especially for a new initiative for mid-to-late teens in vocational training so that they might even be able to gain some form of employment.  (Church Mission Society)

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