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7,600 scripture study groups: One of the most effective ways to see ‘hard to reach’ people groups fall in love with Jesus is to have them engage with the scriptures. Sometimes their religious system inhibits or prevents them from having access to the Bible, but when those barriers are broken down, salvation and spiritual breakthroughs will come. In one part of Indonesia, over 7,600 scripture study groups were meeting regularly in 2016, all with ties back to the their local Christian radio stations. As we celebrate that God's Spirit is moving to draw people to Jesus through his word, continue to pray for a great harvest for the kingdom.  (Reach Beyond)
Under Every Spreading Tree: When I’m trying to describe Myanmar to friends who have never visited, I compare it to how at home we can’t drive anywhere without passing half a dozen churches. In Myanmar, you can’t drive anywhere without passing a dozen pagodas or shrines. The Old Testament talks about people building places of worship on every high hill and under every spreading tree. These verses could well have been describing Myanmar with its pagodas on every high hill and shrines under every spreading tree. Pray that the people of Myanmar may be able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation without turning it into something to be worshipped that they will seek the one true God who can help them. Pray that God’s true temple may be in the hearts of the Myanmar people. (OMF International UK)
Something's Missing: China-based journalist Ian Johnson recently described “the reality of present-day China” as a place “where hundreds of millions of people are consumed with doubt about their society and are turning to religion and faith for answers they cannot find elsewhere in their radically secular society. They wonder what makes a good life and if there is more to it than material gain.” A pastor of a church in Chengdu told him: “We thought we were unhappy because we were poor. But now a lot of us aren’t poor anymore, and yet we’re still unhappy. We realise there’s something missing, and that’s a spiritual life.” Pray for those searching to find answers in Jesus Christ, and pray for Christians to be able to share the Good News. (Chinese Church Support Ministries (CCSM))
Hikikomori: 'Hikikomori are those who shut themselves off from society, reclusive in their rooms, sometimes for years. This acute social withdrawal is a particularly Japanese phenomenon possibly affecting 1% of the population. Similar numbers could be on the verge of hikikomori, meaning well over 2 million people are affected or at high risk. Causes are unclear but individuals with a strong sense of self and independent thinking can feel out of place in Japan’s group-oriented and fixed-expectation society. Please pray that more Christians would want to help sufferers and their families discover their true identity and acceptance in Christ. Pray for those hikikomori who will prove gifted in leading the advance of the gospel will be led to faith in Christ and want to live for Him. (Japan Christian Link)
An Act of Kindness: A man downloaded a mobile app and left a rude and angry post on social media, blaming the online radio station for a crashed device. The team knew this was impossible, but instead of ignoring him, they contacted him and repaired his device remotely for free. He was surprised at their kindness despite his hateful messages and they replied by sharing the gospel with him, even though this is extremely risky in this country. Soon the man became their most active “promo man”, telling everyone he knew about the radio station. But best of all, after two months of conversations with the team, the man and all his family came to know the Lord! Pray for the impact of online radio in the closed countries of Central Asia. (Reach Beyond)
A Radio Lifeline: In January, a new 100-watt FM radio station was built in the mid-western part of the country where people face a daily challenge to access clean drinking water and a sustainable electricity supply. The new radio station is run by a Nepali Christian organisation that cover the cost of healthcare for those who can’t afford to pay. The station has also begun providing programmes on education, health and agriculture. Pray for this fledgling station as they are poised to be a spiritual and social lifeline for the community.  (Reach Beyond)
Blasphemy Laws: Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are sometimes used to settle personal scores and Christians are often wrongly accused and convicted. In February, Adnan Prince, a Christian evangelist facing the death penalty was granted bail due to apparent gaps in the investigation. Adnan had been in prison since November 2013, after he tried to correct misconceptions about Christianity in a Muslim book. he was accused by a work colleague of insulting Islam and Muhammad, and defiling the Qur’an. His lawyer said that Adnan still faces the death penalty. Please pray for Adnan and those facing similar ordeals because of their faith in Jesus. They would want us to pray that the Lord would use them in a mighty way to show his love to those who are prosecuting them. (AsiaLink) (AsiaLink)
Alleviating Leprosy: Give thanks for a new project that will help women and children affected by leprosy or other neglected tropical diseases, as well as people with disabilities in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Pray that leprosy sufferers will benefit from this community-based rehabilitation and nutrition project and that our partnership with the local government health centres in the urban districts would be of service to them. Pray too that another project in the Chittagongs, involving people forming local associations in order to own and run their own projects, will be successful in their multiple elements: disability care; raising awareness of people’s rights; improvement of social status; and economic and income development. (The Leprosy Mission England and Wales)
La Casita: Open Doors has opened a new home for indigenous children facing persecution called La Casita de Aracataca, in the Magdalena region of Colombia. At La Casita, youngsters are able to live close to their parents whilst receiving biblical teaching and a good education; something which Christian children are denied in their indigenous communities. Out of the few who are given permission to go to school by the local leaders, the majority are forced to undertake indigenous religious rituals. Please pray for the ten boys and five girls at La Casita - all of them are in their teenage years. (Open Doors UK and Ireland)
Re-location of the Riverbank Community: With an average of 20 murders committed every day, Honduras is one of the world’s most violent countries. Living in a crime-riddled riverbank slum in San Pedro Sula, Honduras’ second largest city, it’s no wonder families like Angela’s go to bed frightened. “Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that the violence and corruption that characterises Honduras will give way to a peaceful and just society for all. We pray for a dignifying relocation process for the riverbank community and that they may be able to live in safety. Please may joy overflow where it seems impossible right now. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.” (Church Mission Society)

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