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The World Prayer Map is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations working around the world. Click on a region for related prayer points...

Latest prayer points

Transforming prison ministry: Praise God for the ongoing work of the Rock of Ages project, celebrating 20 years of service to God by taking the gospel message into the prisons of Romania. Pray for the ongoing work as the ministry continues and for the prisoners who lives are being daily transformed.  (Transform Europe Now)
2,000 languages without the Bible: Three OM men arrived safely home after walking 2,000 kilometres to raise awareness that there are still 2,000 languages without the Bible. The three left Cairns on 24th August and arrived in Stanthorpe on 11th November, after walking on average more than 30km a day. Each kilometre represented a unique language that doesn’t yet have the Word of God. The team held evening meetings at local churches and town halls en route to share information about the 350 million people who don’t yet have access to the Bible in their own language.  (Operation Mobilisation)
Progress for the poor: Over the last decade Tearfund’s partner Comisión de Acción Social Menonita (CASM) has been working with poverty-stricken communities in Honduras to bring the hope of a better future. CASM is improving education levels, providing vocational training for young people, reducing violence and helping the residents lobby the government for resettlement. It’s an ongoing struggle, but there are signs of progress. An agreement has been signed to relocate 179 families out of a riverbank slum community known as Los Bordos – although this is partly to make way for a new highway, and is taking time to implement. Pray that those in authority who are involved in the negotiation process will have the best interests of the residents at heart, and that many families will soon have a safer, healthier place to live.  (Tearfund)
Ship ministry impacts Anping port: In August the Logos Hope visited the port of Anping, Taiwan. This was the first time any of OM's ships have opened the gangways in the city. Vice Mayor of Tainan city, Mr Yan Chun Zuo, was pleased to welcome Logos Hope and, speaking on behalf of the Mayor during the official opening, said “It is [the Mayor’s] aim to create an international city, that is more focused on knowledge with a passion for volunteering. So the ship’s visit to Anping is an invaluable aid in promoting these things.” Mr. Yan Chun Zou added with a proud smile “… and you haven’t really experienced Taiwan until you have visited Anping!” Pray for the continued ministry of those aboard Logos Hope in this region.  (Operation Mobilisation)
Developing medication: Nearly four decades after the discovery of River Blindness (onchocerciasis) in Ecuador, the South American country has now been recognised by the World Health Organization for eliminating this tropical eye and skin disease. First discovered in Ecuador in 1976 by a Reach Beyond missionary doctor, the disease is rated as the second-leading infectious cause of blindness globally. Now the greatest need in the global fight against river blindness is for a new medication that kills not only the larvae but also the adult worms which cause the disease. Pray for those people working to discover this medication.  (Reach Beyond)
Gospel brings hope for Poles: Poland is changing rapidly. Joining the EU in 2004 hasn’t brought the economic benefits that the Polish people expected. The unemployment rate is high, so a lot of Poles try to find prosperity in other countries. ECM notices in these turbulent times a renewed interest in the gospel. Through church planting and the project ‘Permanent Hope’ ECM wants to use this opportunity to draw attention to the gospel in new and refreshing ways.  (European Christian Mission)
Faith strengthened: Fifty girls in Pakistan, aged 16 to 17, had their faith strengthened through short Bible courses at a women's training centre according to a CMS mission partner who teaches at the centre. “At the end of one course, several girls shared how they had made a personal commitment to follow Jesus, had discovered how to read the Bible with understanding, how their prayer life had been renewed and how they had learned to get along better with others, forgiving and forbearing, rather than quarrelling.” Pray that these recent school-leavers will continue to grow spiritually. Disciple-ship is a key need in Pakistan, as Christians are a small, often-pressured minority.  (Church Mission Society)
Life-changing Sunday school: Having quality materials is vital for engaging and life-changing Sunday school teaching. Buena Tierra (Good Soil) is a response to the needs of both children and Sunday school teachers, making available easy-to-use, dynamic, Bible-based lessons and songs specifically designed for different age groups and culturally relevant to most Latin American countries. The material is used not only in Peru, but also Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. It has opened teachers to new styles of teaching resulting in children across the region receiving exciting and life-changing Sunday school lessons.  (Latin Link)

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