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Designed to help you to pray for the needs of people around the world, this website is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations within the Global Connections network. This website is still in development. Additional features, including an interactive map, and more prayer points will be available soon.

Latest prayer points

Closely watched: Turkmenistan's regime seems to do whatever it deems necessary to stay in power, suppressing all groups it perceives as dangerous. Every meeting for religious reasons is met with suspicion and all Christian assemblies need to register. All unregistered religious activity is strictly illegal and the government uses the 'Council on Religious Affairs' to monitor and pressure churches. There are informers in the churches, so Christians always have to be careful about what they say and how they say it, whether registered or not. Please pray for these oppressed believers who have hardly any freedom to practise their faith. Pray too for the translation and distribution of God's Word in local languages. (Open Doors UK and Ireland)
A message of peace: More than 100,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have recently fled across the border to the Republic of Congo, close to the Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, where a new Christian radio station has been installed. The station is broadcasting a message of peace in the midst of this unrest. Pray for safety for the station personnel and an ability to keep the message of the Good News on the air so that the refugees can be encouraged and know that Jesus loves them, even in the midst of these horrific days. (Reach Beyond)
Slowly rebuilding: One of the world’s poorest countries, Mali suffered an inconclusive military coup in 2012 followed by French military intervention against Islamist fighters. Although civilian rule was re-established last year, a truce with Tuareg separatists in the north remains fragile. During the coup many Christian radio stations were destroyed, but now a process of rebuilding is slowly taking place. Pray for technical and radio production training taking place at an FM station in an Islamic area of Mali this Easter. There is still great opposition to the gospel. (Reach Beyond)
Asia-Pacific radio planting : One hundred Christian radio ministries have been established in the Asia Pacific Region in the last 10 years. The 100th station was a radio plant in Thailand that was dedicated during a large celebration in February. Stations have also been installed recently in Indonesia, including one in a highly sensitive, unreached area. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of listeners within the coverage areas of these stations and that many would come to Christ. (Reach Beyond)
Discipling international students: Hundreds of thousands of students come to UK universities from all over the world. During February many Christian Unions ran weeks of events and talks that offered opportunities for international students to hear the gospel for the first time. Pray for the students that took the opportunity to find out about Jesus, that God would open the eyes of their hearts to the truth of what they heard. Pray too for effective follow up and for new Christians to be discipled and connected to churches. (Friends International)
Loss and devastation: One recent Monday afternoon, more than 60 teenaged girls squeezed their way into the local Christian girls’ club to play, sing, listen to a story and learn a memory verse. The next day most of them were homeless and the room where the club meets was gutted by a fire that had swept through the slum, destroying more than half of it in a short time. Thankfully, no-one was badly hurt but many families have lost everything they owned. One believer looked at the remains of her home and wept: “My verse has gone! I’ve lost my verse!” She had asked the team to paint on one wall: “Jesus said: ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.’” She had put her trust in Jesus through that verse and wanted everyone to see it. Pray for the affected families to experience Jesus as the Way even through loss and devastation, giving them the strength, comfort and courage to start again.  (Operation Mobilisation)
A new society: “In Chile 70% of students will be the first generation of professionals in their families. That means that in 5 years time there will be a new society, a new culture, a new mentality and new expectations being born...” (Evangelicals, Politics and society in Chile, Fediakova, 2013). Please pray for the church in Chile, that it would have an influence in the new country that is being born. Pray that the church in Chile will get a vision from God to be an influence to those who will be leading the country in the next generations with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Church Mission Society)
Searching for truth: Every month, hundreds of Bibles and thousands of evangelistic resources are downloaded by Arab Muslims exploring the Christian faith. The online ministry sees several thousand Arabs exposed to the truth about Jesus every week. Last year, media workers received over 600 emails in just three months from Arabs searching and wrestling with the truth. The team follows up every message personally. Pray that millions of Arab Muslims will continue to be drawn to the website and have hearts open to the Spirit of God. (Arab World Ministry of Pioneers)