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The World Prayer Map is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations working around the world. Click on a region for related prayer points...

Latest prayer points

Hopes for secular Sweden: Sweden is known as one of the most secular countries of the world. Although much of the population are members of the Lutheran church, just a small percentage visits a church regularly. Particularly in the north, the Christian faith seems to have disappeared from society. As ECM works with the Sami people, an indigenous people with its own language and parliament, their desire is that the gospel may become relevant for these people. ECM also focuses on Stockholm, one of the most secularized cities in Europe.  (European Christian Mission)
Growth in ministry: Student movements in the South Pacific region face a wide range of challenges: from rampant secularism in Australia and New Zealand to economic and political instability in Fiji; from the geographic isolation of Tonga to the challenge of indigenous practices in parts of Papua New Guinea. Particularly encouraging is the growth in partnerships of Australia and New Zealand with other IFES movements in the Pacific region as well as with Africa. Please pray for small island movements where there are very few or no staff workers and for growth in the ministry to international students, especially in Australia and New Zealand.  (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students))
A growing minority: Kyrgyzstan was one of Central Asia’s first parliamentary democracies. Today, there is violence, corruption, and criminal drug interests. Laws govern religious activity and religious extremism: Christians, Muslims and other religious groups have suffered as a result. Despite the laws, Kyrgyzstan still has more religious freedom than many neighbouring countries. The church in Kyrgyzstan grew impressively after the country severed ties with the former USSR in 1991. Growth has since slowed, but the church is maturing. Kyrgyz-speaking congregations continue to grow and mature. Once a tiny minority in the national church (which is predominantly Russian Orthodox), Kyrgyz believers are now a significant proportion of the nation’s Christians. Effective Kyrgyz leaders have come to the fore, and more services are now being held in Kyrgyz. Pray that the Kyrgyz church will continue to mature.  (WEC International)
Answering God's call: Latin Link Guatemala have held their first commissioning service. Three Guatemalan missionaries, Pamela, Emily and Elisa, have all answered God’s call on their lives and have taken the scary step of using their skills, interests and professions to serve God in another country and culture. They are preparing to serve God in the UK and in Ecuador. They have already overcome a number of obstacles to get this far. Pray for them as they discover more of what God has for them.  (Latin Link)
Ship ministry impacts Anping port: In August the Logos Hope visited the port of Anping, Taiwan. This was the first time any of OM's ships have opened the gangways in the city. Vice Mayor of Tainan city, Mr Yan Chun Zuo, was pleased to welcome Logos Hope and, speaking on behalf of the Mayor during the official opening, said “It is [the Mayor’s] aim to create an international city, that is more focused on knowledge with a passion for volunteering. So the ship’s visit to Anping is an invaluable aid in promoting these things.” Mr. Yan Chun Zou added with a proud smile “… and you haven’t really experienced Taiwan until you have visited Anping!” Pray for the continued ministry of those aboard Logos Hope in this region.  (Operation Mobilisation)
Transformation for Buddhists: The continued growth of the Burmese church amid great suffering and repression is an answer to prayer. While the majority of believers come from certain ethnic minorities, there is an increasing response from the Buddhist majority, particularly monks. There is a spiritual darkness in Buddhist countries that must be lifted by prayer. One worker wrote: “Buddhists here are so tied to their beliefs since childhood, and through so many generations, that it is prayer alone that is going to open their hearts to see the light.” Let’s pray: Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth – in Myanmar – as it is in heaven.  (WEC International)
Christians welcoming 2 million refugees: Lebanese TV presenters and musicians have shared how Christians in the Middle East are seeking to share the love of Christ to people fleeing conflict and atrocities in Syria and Iraq. Joyce Saddi and Rawad Daou - two hosts of a weekly live youth show from Beirut broadcast on Christian satellite channel shared that close to 2 million refugees have come to Lebanon, putting immense pressure on Lebanon's services. This has resulted in power cuts and water shortages, and has fuelled rocketing rental charges. Some Lebanese fear or resent the influx of refugees from a country that occupied Lebanon for nearly three decades, but many churches are welcoming them. Rawad and Joyce's church currently assists over 120 families with food vouchers and welcomes many to their services. (SAT-7)
Rebuilding lives: Due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, many refugees have entered Russia and are spread out around the country. In Novosibirsk, Siberia, where OM Russia is located, several summer camp bases are now used temporarily to house refugees forced to leave their homes with nothing. Several OM Russia members, in partnership with a local church, have visited a few of these bases to offer practical help and run a programme for the children. Relationships have been established, and together with local churches, they continue to help refugees rebuild their lives.  (Operation Mobilisation)

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