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Designed to help you to pray for the needs of people around the world, this website is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations within the Global Connections network. This website is still in development. Additional features, including an interactive map, and more prayer points will be available soon.

Latest prayer points

Under pressure: All Afghan Christians come from a Muslim background. If their conversion to Christianity is discovered, they will be put under huge pressure to recant their faith, both from Muslim clergy and local authorities. Tribal values are deeply entrenched and anyone embracing something new and maybe even foreign will be looked at as a traitor and excluded from the community. Pray too for the Afghan government - presidential elections are to be held in April. With the withdrawal of international forces in 2014, the regime will have to deal with the threat of the Taliban as well as the different ethnic factions in the country.  (Open Doors UK and Ireland)
Soccer ministry: Ricky*, who comes from a Muslim background, had promised his friends he would not become a Christian. However, after three encounters with God, he decided to give his live to Him and get baptised. “I have grown fast as a Christian,” said Ricky. “[Initially] it was difficult to be a Christian. I got a lot of injuries, troubles in my family, school and so on, but again, Jesus met me... He said, ‘Don’t worry about anything; I’ve taken all your worries to the cross.’” While on a retreat, Ricky sensed God calling him to soccer ministry. “Now, my dream is to travel around the world and tell the people about Jesus, and also to share my testimony with Him through soccer.” he said. Praise God for calling Ricky. Pray for wisdom and protection as he shares his faith. *Name changed.  (Operation Mobilisation)
Fleeing their homes: Please pray for the world’s youngest country, South Sudan. Since violence erupted in December it’s been estimated that thousands have died and a staggering 600,000 have had to flee their homes leaving them incredibly vulnerable. Pray for the safety of the South Sudanese. The Archbishop of Canterbury, in a recent visit to the country, encouraged the South Sudanese to “plant trees of reconciliation” instead of “trees of bitterness”. Pray for leaders to find a new way, that Jesus would invade the culture, and for justice and mercy to rain down on this nation. (Mission Aviation Fellowship UK)
Closely watched: Turkmenistan's regime seems to do whatever it deems necessary to stay in power, suppressing all groups it perceives as dangerous. Every meeting for religious reasons is met with suspicion and all Christian assemblies need to register. All unregistered religious activity is strictly illegal and the government uses the 'Council on Religious Affairs' to monitor and pressure churches. There are informers in the churches, so Christians always have to be careful about what they say and how they say it, whether registered or not. Please pray for these oppressed believers who have hardly any freedom to practise their faith. Pray too for the translation and distribution of God's Word in local languages. (Open Doors UK and Ireland)
Stronger than before: Nan Figue was a poor community even before Hurricane Sandy devastated the village in 2012. The storm destroyed much in its path, including the local church building – a crucial source of hope and practical support for many local people. Responding to this disaster, Tearfund partner World Concern provided the community with the financial and technical support it needed to rebuild the church themselves. Now the church is fully equipped to re-start its life-changing work in the community. Plus the new church building is better and stronger than before - built to withstand future storms. Four years on from the 2010 earthquake, please continue pray for the people of Haiti - praise God for the progress that’s been made and ask for protection from future disasters.  (Tearfund)
Illegal deforestation: Since 2008, Salta authorities have authorised the clearance of approximately 840,000 acres of native forests (roughly the size of Essex). 28% of that has been in areas where deforestation is prohibited by law. Last year ended with a barrage of deforestation projects being approved by the Salta government. In some cases landowners are even bribing indigenous people to support their proposals for deforestation. The Christian conservation group Land for Life (Refugio) have presented at public hearings at different locations across the Chaco region but they and others are often left asking if what they are doing is worthwhile as more and more land is being given over to deforestation. (Church Mission Society)
Too dangerous to stay: Four sisters-in-law crammed into one small apartment with their seven children – it hardly sounds like an ideal domestic arrangement. But for Hana* and her family, their new home in Lebanon has one significant advantage over the life they left behind in Syria. Here, at least, they are safe. They lived in Aleppo in north-west Syria before fleeing to Lebanon almost a year ago. The family had wanted to stay – but then, tragically, Hana’s son was killed in the shelling. He was only three years old. After this, they knew they had to leave. At the time of writing peace talks are on hold. The negotiations have seen some positive outcomes but there is still a long way to go. Let’s continue to pray for peace until it becomes a reality. *Name changed  (Tearfund)
A message of peace: More than 100,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have recently fled across the border to the Republic of Congo, close to the Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, where a new Christian radio station has been installed. The station is broadcasting a message of peace in the midst of this unrest. Pray for safety for the station personnel and an ability to keep the message of the Good News on the air so that the refugees can be encouraged and know that Jesus loves them, even in the midst of these horrific days. (Reach Beyond)