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Innovative evangelism: Though expatriate Christians have opportunity for discreet sharing of the gospel in the Arabian Peninsula, arrests, imprisonments and deportations still occur for those who evangelise or distribute christian literature unwisely. Despite the difficulties, Christians are finding innovative ways to share their faith. One person shared recently: “Each week I, and some other men, prayer-walk around different parts of the city. Now we want to ‘tour’ all the coffee shops and see if there are people we can talk to. If there aren’t, we’ll still pray.” Pray that: these believers would have good conversations with people in the coffee shops; they will be enabled to sensitively share something of their faith and the gospel. In some homes the television is on almost permanently. Since Arab women rarely leave the house, the television is like a window onto the outside world. Pray that it would be a ‘window’ to the truth, providing glimpses of God’s love. (WEC International)
Forgiving her son’s killer: After M’s son was killed in a fight, she wanted nothing more than revenge for his death. Anger quickly turned into depression. Then one day M came across SAT-7, a Christian satellite TV station, and started watching a programme about Jesus forgiving his murderers. She identified with Jesus and his pain, but couldn’t understand his peace. She prayed as she watched, asking for that kind of peace and the ability to forgive her son’s killer. A few days later, while getting ready for her son’s memorial, she suddenly felt that she couldn’t go before she visited his murderer. When she saw the man who had killed her son, she gave him a big hug, saying, “I have forgiven you. Jesus told me to do so.” Then she said, “I want you to be my son.” Everyone around was amazed. After this, she kept telling people to watch SAT-7. (Church Mission Society)
When the rain falls...: When the rain falls and the river next to her house rises, Maria will often end up wading through water that’s up to her chest. The river is poorly managed, used as a dumping ground and the water leaves Maria’s home a stinking mess. Such is the reality of living in the favela of Peixinhos. Maria makes a meagre living from recycling and cleaning but being repeatedly hit by flooding has taken its toll on her living conditions. Pray for a Tearfund youth project in the area which aims to change people’s attitudes towards their neighbourhood, using drama to raise awareness of environmental issues. Besides environmental work, young people are being helped to speak out about the needs of their community, enabling change to come from inside. (Tearfund)
Ruled by fear: Tajikistan is a mountainous, landlocked country in central Asia. Until the twentieth century there were no known Christians in the area. Now the Holy Spirit seems to be at work, and many believe that this is God's time for spiritual breakthrough in Tajikistan. A number of Tajiks have heard the gospel and believe, but fearing their families’ and communities' reactions they don’t acknowledge their decision to follow Christ. This greatly hampers the growth of the church and of those individual Christians who are ruled by fear rather than faith and perfect love. Give thanks that God is at work and pray for Christians living in this difficult situation. (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students))
The Bilala: Chad has been ripped apart by civil war, and 80% of the population now lives below the poverty line. Medical care and services are greatly lacking in this Central African nation, and with the prevalence of HIV / AIDS, life expectancy in the Republic of Chad is just 40-42 years ( Pray for workers to go to Chad to effectively share the good news with the Biblala people and for the hearts of the people to be open to it. Pray too that humanitarian aid would be brought to the country and to this people group. (Frontiers)
22 storms a year: Imagine going through 22 tropical storms each year, a couple of which are capable of flattening your home and even submerging it with water. This is what most Filipinos have been going through year after year for the last five years. Whatever the causes of this trend, people suffer, many die, children are orphaned and even complete families are wiped out by the storms. Pray for the work of organisations trying to help alleviate the suffering of people who have lost loved ones, their homes and their livelihood. Pray that the lives of those who receive help will be changed for the better - for now and for eternity.  (Emmanuel International)
Reaching a digital generation: Using the power of media, believers from Muslim backgrounds are effectively sharing Christ across the Arab world. Today, more than 125 million individuals use the internet in the Arab world providing a platform for both men and women, with otherwise limited access to Christian resources, to study God’s Word. As a result, our media follow-up network encourages seekers to explore the gospel online and mentors believers through interactive Bible courses.  (Arab World Ministry of Pioneers)
High unemployment: Macedonia is severely hampered by alarmingly high unemployment. Attempts to rectify this with structural reforms are a slow process. Many homes and neighbourhoods have appalling living conditions while infrastructure is largely obsolete. A lack of job opportunities sees many of the educated and skilled Macedonians leave the country in search of employment. Please pray for Transform Europe Now’s (TEN) Macedonian partners - churches and Christian organisations who work amidst the widespread poverty and unemployment, serving the poor and sharing the love of Jesus. Some of the current ministries include leading children’s and youth work, distributing food to all regardless of race, and teaching the stories of Jesus amongst minority communities.  (Transform Europe Now)

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