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Chinese Church Support Ministries (CCSM) - September 2017
Eastern Lightening Cult: Since its inception in 1990 the Eastern Lightning cult is still alive and active in China. Eastern Lightning has a history of using lies and deception, violent methods, and even brainwashing and seduction tactics to coerce people to accept its misinterpretation of Christianity. It often targets new Christian believers with little or no knowledge of the Bible. But amazingly God has used this evil cult to actually strengthen his church. To combat the cult’s heresies China’s church leaders now place greater importance on foundational teaching and materials, sharing the love of Jesus in the community, leadership training and cult awareness. Pray for more training, leaders, disciplers, and foundational materials to be provided so that new Christians will receive the nurturing they require to keep them safe from deception. (Chinese Church Support Ministries (CCSM))
Cambodia Action - September 2017
Reaching Cambodian men: “Men in Cambodia have been overlooked in the church, there is ministry to children, youth, women and the poor, when men come to Christ, the family follows”. These were the words of the Director of Good Real Men in Cambodia, a local NGO seeking ways to bring men to Christ. Pray for the men of Cambodia that are bound by religion, fear and vice, staring each day into a hopelessness that they believe cannot be filled. Pray for those that work tirelessly among men with the Good News, for change in their lives as they seek to bring the message of freedom, and for men called back to God. Finally, pray for Cambodia - a country that is still fragmented after many years of war. (Cambodia Action)
OMF International UK - September 2017
Extended family networks: For the last 60 years, the church in Thailand has been growing steadily. But today there are still over 5,000 sub-districts (out of over 7,000) in Thailand that have no church. About 44 million people live in these areas. The good news is that extended family networks can reach into these areas. One church encouraged its members to share the gospel with their families and, as a result, churches were planted in 12 provinces. Pray for more churches to follow this great example. Pray too for dedicated Christians, whether Thai Christians or cross-cultural workers, to go and live in these communities to share Christ and plant churches. Pray that, as churches are planted in their districts, many would have the opportunity to hear and see the gospel in action. (OMF International UK)
China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea
WEC International - September 2017
Pollution: WEC International has teams ministering in three 'mega cities' in Eastern Asia. Air pollution can be a problem and the teams say that they enjoy it when there are strong winds to blow the pollution away. Please pray for God to send the wind of his Holy Spirit into the hearts of city people, to show them the 'pollution' of sin and reveal the Saviour. Our teams have been encouraged to see a few small groups formed but the work is slow and difficult. (WEC International)
Open Doors UK and Ireland - September 2017
Persecutors, protection and provision: “I was extremely disheartened because of the opposition from my friends and relations. Many times I even considered returning to my old faith.” Deepa is a Christian from a Hindu background in India. Her family were forced to leave their home and their village because of their faith in Jesus. “The people in our old village falsely testified to the police that my husband, Neeta, was a member of the Naxalites (a militant communist group), so he was locked up in prison. ...I doubted I would ever see him free again. But I learned from the book of Matthew that if I prayed unceasingly God could release my husband from prison.” Deepa's husband was released after nine months but her husband had lost his faith. Please pray for believers like Deepa and Neeta, for protection, provision, and strength. Pray for their persecutors, that God would change their hearts and turn them to himself. (Open Doors UK and Ireland)
A visit to the doctor
Reach Beyond - September 2017
A visit to the doctor: In rural areas it is not uncommon for parents to threaten their misbehaving children with a visit to the doctor. Although this might put a smile on our faces, in reality it is no laughing matter. Access to quality healthcare in rural areas is limited and sometimes the ‘doctor’ being referred to is a witchdoctor. Please pray for rural communities to respond to a community development programme run by a Christian charity that seeks to improve community health, both in the physical and spiritual sense. Pray too for these local believers as they have to overcome obstacles and resistance in a folk Islam context. (Reach Beyond)
Frontiers - September 2017
The Ingush people : The Ingush people have suffered greatly at the hands of Russia. Only Jesus can bring them true peace and victory over anger and bitterness. Originally from Russia’s Caucasus region, the Ingush number over 420,000 in that region, with approximately 20,000 more in Kazakhstan where they were deported during WWII. The Ingush people are Sunni Muslims, with many following Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam. Pray for faithful intercessors for the Ingush people. Ask for Spirit-filled witnesses to bring Jesus’ grace, peace and self-giving love to Kazakhstan’s Ingush.  (Frontiers)
International Nepal Fellowship - September 2017
Mental Health in Nepal: Mental health is a significant issue in Nepal. The country ranks 7th in the world for highest suicide rates. According to police records, 7,000 people take their own lives each year. But the stark reality is that many more go unreported. The earthquake in 2015, which left thousands of people homeless and traumatised, has made the situation worse. The number of suicides has increased dramatically since the disaster struck. Yet there is still very little understanding of the need for counselling and its positive impact. The Elijah Counselling and Training Centre is a Christian organisation in Nepal raising awareness about the need for counselling. Please pray for the more than 2,000 counsellors and carers it has trained and for those being given psychological relief in their suffering. (International Nepal Fellowship)
Central Asian Campuses
IFES - September 2017
Central Asian Campuses: We are encouraged that in a Central Asian city three non-believing students have continued to read the Bible with our staff, and also attended seminars on the Bible’s big picture. They have been to church a few times; please pray that they would accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord. We are thankful for an increase in relationships with churches; please pray this would lead to more work with believing students and prayer groups on campus - one has started already. We are thankful for a new partnership with a large university. Please pray for our plans to run a big project there next semester. (IFES)
French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname
Bible Society Northern Ireland - September 2017
Audio, visual and print.: Suriname Bible Society has the opportunity to work in the three small countries located at the northeast coast of South America: Suriname, Guyana and French Guyana. Working in these three different countries with each one having their own identity, ethnic, religion and language groups, social and economic structure is an extra motivation to reach everyone in these countries with the word of God. Pray for those that need to hear the word that they would have it in their preferred format, audio, visual or print. Praise God for the new Bible in Sranang Tongo and pray for the ongoing Bible translation into Surinamese Javanese. (Bible Society Northern Ireland)

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