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The World Prayer Map is regularly updated with prayer points supplied by Christian organisations working around the world. Click on a region for related prayer points...

Latest prayer points

Improving access to education: Although children’s right to education is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, many children are denied that right. In Zambia, discrimination against those living with disability means that many disabled children do not have access to school. Praise God for the work of Wukwashi, an organisation working hard to improve access to education for such children. Recently, some of the children for who Wukwashi has found schools were interviewed in national TV about disabled children’s rights to education.  (The Bethany Children's Trust)
Discipling Christian students: St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a scenic multi-island state. It is predominantly a ‘Christian’ state where there is freedom of religious practice. However, many students have a lot of problems - broken families, low moral values, the carnival culture and easy availability of marijuana. ISCCF is a movement seeking to disciple Christian students there. Pray for new investment as the group seeks to establish a much-needed national leadership team and to put in place more role model leaders to challenge and encourage students. Pray too for students themselves, that they would be godly examples to those around them.  (IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students))
Justice for Bangladeshi Garment Workers: The Church of Bangladesh is reporting some success in its Justice for Bangladeshi Garment Workers Campaign, but says that much more still needs to be done. The campaign was launched after 1,129 people, mostly garment workers, were killed following the collapse of the Rana Plaza building a year ago. So far, the campaign has secured new legal safety standards for Bangladesh factories and more pay for the lowest paid garment workers. In addition, 150 global high-street brands are now working with local trade unions to make the factories safe. As well as praying, the group is urging Christians in developed countries to help put pressure on retailers.  (Church Mission Society)
Equipping blind Christians: Pray for blind pastors and Bible teachers in Malawi. Many more blind people are contributing to church life, after years spent alerting churches to the need to include people with sight loss and use their gifting. Torch plays a key role in equipping blind Christians to lead, through providing them with braille and large print Scriptures and Christian publications in Easy English and a range of African languages, enabling them to study at Bible college.  (Torch Trust for the Blind)
A great opportunity: During June and July the eyes of the sporting world have been on Brazil as it hosts the FIFA World Cup. With 90% of Brazil's 200 million people claiming to be Christians, 50 million are evangelicals, making this one of the largest evangelical populations in the world. Brazilian Christians are great prayer warriors, known for their huge prayer gatherings and sustained intercession. The World Cup has provided the Brazilian church with a great opportunity for communicating the gospel to people from every nation. There will have been be visitors in Brazil from countries that are not open to the gospel. Pray that exposure to the gospel while in Brazil will make a lasting impact on the spiritual journeys of many visitors.  (WEC International)
The purpose of success: In April, over 80 evangelical churches in Salta worked together on a week of outreach events. Salta is a very ‘religious’ city – a bastion of traditional Roman Catholicism. Evangelical faith is seen as something for the poor; the middle and upper classes have barely been touched by the gospel. Therefore, before the main open-air festival, several events were run targeted at the ‘higher’ levels of society. Over 1,600 ladies attended a ladies’ tea where there was live music, a powerful testimony, and then a clear explanation of the gospel. There was also a dinner attended by over 650 businessmen and professionals with a message on ‘The purpose of success’, pointing to the need for spiritual success before looking for success elsewhere. Give thanks for the thousands of people responded positively to the gospel during the week and pray for the important follow-up work and discipling.  (Latin Link)
Increasingly under strain: For those living in the midst of Syria’s civil war, death could easily become a preoccupation. Three years into the conflict, it’s estimated that 5,000 people are being killed each month with the overall death toll at 150,000. For civilians caught in the middle, the struggle for survival is as unrelenting as the sound of gunfire and explosions. Providing aid is also a challenge. Pray for the efforts of Christian organisations to go where the need is greatest and to help a population that’s increasingly under strain.  (Tearfund)
Signs of spiritual growth: Afghanistan’s landslide in the northeast briefly made international news but thousands still suffer. Over 2,500 are believed to have died, but searching for bodies has stopped and the area declared a mass grave due to overwhelming levels of mud and rock. Pray that those who’ve lost everything, from home and livelihood to loved ones, will reach out to the One who can meet their need. There have also been encouraging signs of spiritual growth in the country. Locals are beginning to tackle the responsibility of teaching and training the few new believers, but face serious harm if discovered. Pray the believers would be protected from harm and strongly equipped, united in faith, and filled with His power, courage, and wisdom.  (AsiaLink)

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