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OMF International UK

Type: Agency

Where they work

Eastern Asia

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Southeastern Asia

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Affiliations and accreditations

Serving the church and seeking to bring the gospel to all the peoples of East Asia

We care for the uncared for. Sick people. Alcoholics. The exploited, abused, poor. Prosperous but lonely. Young and old. Religious and non-religious. Businessmen, students, factory workers and many others.

We work closely with churches at home and in close partnership with the Church in East Asia; doing so in teeming mega-cities, remote villages and among tribal peoples.

We share and show the love of Christ to East Asians in Asia and in other countries too, including the UK.

We support each other by sharing information and experiences, especially through our prayer materials and events.

We place people of all ages – young people who want to go to Asia for a short time - and professionals who will go out with OMF on a long term basis.